Mike Brown doing work?

Photo courtesy of businessinsider.com. The cat fight between Carson Palmer (left) and Mike Brown (right) is finally over. Both sides seem to have come out on top.

By Josh Kramer

Typically, the NFL trade deadline is not the most eventful day.  It is normally relatively quiet and does not come close to rivaling the always exciting MLB trade deadline at the end of July. Today though, the show was stolen from a very unlikely source.  I am of course referring to none other than arguably the most hated owner in all of professional sports, Mike Brown.  In quite possibly the trade of the year, the Cincinnati Bengals rid themselves of Carson Palmer for a first round pick in 2012 and a conditional second rounder (that could become a first rounder) in 2013.

Mike Brown is one of the most well-known owners in all of professional sports.  But he is not known for his flamboyant antics (Cuban) or winning ways (Steinbrenner).  He is simply known for losing. When all is said and done, Mike Brown may go down as the worst owner of a professional sports team to ever grace the earth.  The man’s track record is utterly embarrassing and an absolute shame.  It is hard to believe that he is indeed the son of the legendary Paul Brown.  Have you ever heard someone say, “It does not matter where you go to school.  It matters what you do there?”  Well this man graduated from Dartmouth and then received a law degree from Harvard.  He may be supremely intelligent as an academic, but in regards to sports, his IQ is about as bad as it gets.

Here are three key stats that define the Mike Brown era in Cincinnati which began in 1991.

-Record of 115-206-1 (35.9% win percentage)

-Two playoff appearances

-Zero playoff wins

The man has owned the team for over 20 years and they have never won a playoff game in the most parity filled League of them all.

In addition, Mike Brown has always been known as one of the stingiest and most stubborn people in the business.  It is as if the words “compromise” and “negotiate” are entirely foreign to him.  Hard to believe that a guy who went to two different Ivy League schools never heard these two terms that in a way define our society and how things get done.

Today though, Mike Brown made a move for the ages.  He finally got over himself and “compromised.”  Oakland put forth a deal that was too good to possibly dream of turning down.  The Raiders offered up a first round pick in 2012, and a conditional second rounder (that could become a first rounder) in 2013 in exchange for a quarterback who refuses to play.  Talk about the sweetest of deals (even for Oakland, though they spent more than they should have).

Now Carson Palmer gets a second chance, while the Bengals will have the opportunity to continue to add to an already very talented core group.  Things are looking good in Cincinnati for once as the Bengals head into the bye week at 4 and 2.  The playoffs still may be a long shot this year, but you better believe that these new found draft picks will continue to help Andy and the boys turn into a contender.

Could Mike Brown be the NFL Executive of the Year for 2011?

No, but today was quite possibly the first time Mike Brown has done “good” work in over 20 years as the Owner of the Bengals.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

18 responses to “Mike Brown doing work?

  1. Gooch from The Bronx

    Most owners do not make their primary living on the professional teams they own. It is more a toy for them to play with. For Mike Brown, the Bengals are the family business. Mike runs the team like he does not care about winning as long as he makes money, which he does. Lots of money. Is he a good business man? Yes. Maybe great. Is he a good team owner for the fans and players? Absolutely not.
    If Campbell had not broken his collarbone would any of this happened? No way. The injury opened the door for the Bengals to make a tremendous deal for the future of the franchise. All I can say is that if Carson does not perform in Oakland, for any reason, Mike Brown comes out looking like a genius. Maybe he is and we just don’t appreciate him.

  2. Gooch,
    These are all great points. It is a shame that Mike Brown makes his primary living off of the Bengals. Therefore, his top priority is not to win, but to make money. In addition, there were certain variables that caused this deal to come to fruition. Either way, Bengals fans should be excited.

    Mike Brown does look smart. Though most Cincinnatians know the truth about how this great deal came to be.


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