Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

Photo courtesy of somuchsports.com. There are currently three winless teams left in the NFL. Which will come out on top in the "Andrew Luck Sweepstakes?"

By Wesley Kaminsky

Last season, the most prized draft pick heading into the 2011 NFL Draft was Stanford quarterback, Andrew Luck. After an outstanding 2010 season in which he led the Cardinal to an Orange Bowl title, Luck was guaranteed to be the number one pick. The only problem with that though was that he stayed in school, determined to win a National Championship. Now, a season later, things haven’t changed, and Luck is still the hands down number one pick, and a good bet to win the Heisman Trophy. He’s got Stanford ranked #6 in the BCS at 7-0, and wants a shot at the National Championship.

Do you think his focus is on the NFL right now? Luck has already come out and said he doesn’t want to go to a team that’s going to lose on purpose just to get him, and you better believe him when he says that. After all, Luck still has another year of eligibility, and wouldn’t it ruin the dreams of the Dolphins, Colts, or whomever landed the number one pick in the draft if he decided to stay in school?

Out of every week so far this season, Week 7 was the most clear in showing which teams need Luck the most. The Dolphins saw a 15-0 lead disappear with three minutes left, while the Colts got embarrassed 62-7 in New Orleans on Sunday Night Football. Both teams are winless, and both teams are desperate. The only difference with the Colts is that they still have Peyton Manning.  Would the Colts look into trading #18 if they were able to draft Luck? Even Tony Dungy, the Colts former head coach suggested this as a possibility.

1. Green Bay Packers (1, won 33-27): 7-0. The Packers head into the bye week undefeated, and looking even better than they did during their Super Bowl run. That’s scary. (Next week: Bye)

2. New England Patriots (2, Bye): 5-1. The Patriots come out of the bye week with a big test in Pittsburgh. That’ll be a fun game. (Next week: at Pittsburgh)

3. New Orleans Saints (4, won 62-7): 5-2. No player was a bigger signing this off-season than Darren Sproles for the Saints. It’s looking like that Week 6 loss in Tampa Bay was just a mirage. (Next week: at St. Louis)

4. San Francisco 49ers (5, Bye): 5-1. The 49ers come out of their bye week with three of their next four games at home. Their winning ways should continue. (Next week: vs. Cleveland)

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (9, won 32-20): 5-2. The Steelers have two huge tests over the next couple of weeks: At home against New England, and at home against Baltimore. If they win both of those, look out. (Next week: vs. New England)

6. Baltimore Ravens (3, lost 12-7): 4-2. There is no excuse for that performance in Jacksonville. None. Joe Flacco didn’t silence the critics in any way. (Next week: vs. Arizona)

7. Detroit Lions (6, lost 23-16): 5-2. Suddenly, the Lions have lost consecutive games after starting 5 and 0 for the first time since 1956. It doesn’t get easier with their next two games on the road. (Next week: at Denver)

8. Houston Texans (13, won 41-7): 4-3. It’s official: I am buying the Texans this season. That win in Tennessee sent a message that this team is different. (Next week: vs. Jacksonville)

9. Buffalo Bills (8, Bye): 4-2. The Bills come out of their bye week and play a Redskins team who is hurting. Chan Gailey will have them ready. (Next week: vs. Washington)

10. San Diego Chargers (7, lost 27-21): 4-2. The Chargers let that one slip away in New York. There’s no way to sugar coat that fact. Something hasn’t looked right with Philip Rivers this season. (Next week: at Kansas City on MNF)

11. New York Giants (10, Bye): 4-2. The Giants come out of their bye week playing at home against the winless Dolphins before traveling to Foxborough. (Next week: vs. Miami)

12. Chicago Bears (12, won 24-18): 4-3. And just like that, the Bears head into the bye week just one game behind the Lions. (Next week: Bye)

13. New York Jets (14, won 27-21): 4-3. That was a huge win for the Jets heading into the bye week. That’s why they signed Plaxico Burress. (Next week: Bye)

14. Atlanta Falcons (17, won 23-16): 4-3. That win in Detroit may have just turned the Falcons entire season around. That was big. (Next week: Bye)

15. Dallas Cowboys (16, won 34-7): 3-3. I think the Cowboys found themselves a running back in DeMarco Murray. 253 yards? Wow. (Next week: at Philadelphia on SNF)

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11, lost 24-18): 4-3. They made too many mistakes against the Bears, and it proved costly. The bye week comes, followed by a huge trip to New Orleans. (Next week: Bye)

17. Cincinnati Bengals (18, Bye): 4-2. With the Bengals next two games on the road, we’ll see what they are really made of. (Next week: at Seattle)

18. Philadelphia Eagles (19, Bye): 2-4. With the Eagles next three games at home, they could very well by 5-4 heading into their rematch with the Giants. It starts against the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. (Next week: vs. Dallas on SNF)

19. Kansas City Chiefs (23, won 28-0): 3-3. Don’t look now, but with a win over the Chargers, the Chiefs move into a first place tie. Who expected that after their first three games? (Next week: vs. San Diego on MNF)

20. Oakland Raiders (15, lost 28-0): 4-3. It looks like Carson Palmer should have stayed retired after that outing. That was ugly. (Next week: Bye)

21. Washington Redskins (20, lost 33-20): 3-3. Suddenly, what was once such a promising start for the Redskins is looking like a waste. The injuries to Tim Hightower and Santana Moss will hurt. (Next week: at Buffalo)

22. Carolina Panthers (25, won 33-20): 2-5. With their next two games at home, Cam Newton and the Panthers should be on a three game winning streak when they head to Detroit for Week 11. (Next week: vs. Minnesota)

23. Tennessee Titans (21, lost 41-7): 3-3. Any thoughts that the Titans would fight with the Texans for the AFC South crown were quickly put to rest on Sunday. Also, will somebody let Chris Johnson know that the season has started? (Next week: vs. Indianapolis)

24. Cleveland Browns (22, won 6-3): 3-3. The offense better pick it up the next two weeks with trips to San Francisco and Houston. Scoring six points isn’t going to cut it. (Next week: at San Francisco)

25. Seattle Seahawks (22, lost 6-3): 2-4. I knew that Week 6 win in New York was just a fluke. It’s amazing how much they missed Tarvaris Jackson out there. (Next week: vs. Cincinnati)

26. Denver Broncos (26, won 18-15): 2-4. That game right there was the reason why Tim Tebow gives the Broncos the best chance to win. He is a pure winner. (Next week: vs. Detroit)

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (27, won 12-7): 2-5. It wasn’t pretty, but Blaine Gabbert picked up the first win of his NFL career on the NFL’s biggest stage (MNF). That’s big for him. (Next week: at Houston)

28. Minnesota Vikings (28, lost 33-27): 1-6. Christian Ponder gave the Vikings a spark on offense, and almost pulled off the unthinkable in beating the Packers. That’s a good sign for the rookie. (Next week: at Carolina)

29. Arizona Cardinals (29, lost 32-20): 1-5. Kevin Kolb continues to look overrated, and overpaid each and every week. You’ve got to respect Larry Fitzgerald. He’s a true pro. (Next week: at Baltimore)

30. St. Louis Rams (31, lost 34-7): 0-6. The Rams rank dead last in the NFL in touchdowns for the season, with just five. That should tell you something. (Next week: vs. New Orleans)

31. Miami Dolphins (32, lost 18-15): 0-6. How many more weeks until Tony Sparano gets fired? To blow a 15 point lead with under three minutes left is just inexcusable. (Next week: at NYG)

32. Indianapolis Colts (30, lost 62-7): 0-7. Nobody is more valuable to their team than Peyton Manning, as was proven in their 62-7 loss in New Orleans. Things are bad in Indianapolis. (Next week: at  Tennessee)

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