Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Joe Flacco Shines in Pittsburgh

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com. The often criticized Joe Flacco (pictured above) was the shining star of Week 9. Is he finally ready for stardom?

By Wesley Kaminsky

Out of every week thus far, Week 9 provided the most drama for the 2011 NFL season. Heading into the week, the slate was highlighted by the Giants-Patriots, Ravens-Steelers, and Bears-Eagles. And I must tell you, they did not disappoint. Both Eli Manning and Joe Flacco threw touchdowns with under 20 seconds left to win, shocking the Steelers and Patriots. The Eagles, after a dominating 34-7 win against the Cowboys took a huge step backwards, losing to the Bears 30-24. Andy Reid, the pressure is back on you. That loss was inexcusable.

1. Green Bay Packers (1, won 45-38): 8-0. The only thing that could potentially hold this team back is their 31st ranked pass defense. Even with that, you just get the sense that Aaron Rodgers won’t let them lose. (Next game: vs. Minnesota on MNF)

2. Baltimore Ravens (5, won 23-20): 6-2. Joe Flacco was brilliant in that 92 yard drive to beat the Steelers. Now, let’s see him do that in the playoffs. (Next game: at Seattle)

3. San Francisco 49ers (3, won 19-11): 7-1. The 49ers get a big test this week with the Giants coming to town. Jim Harbaugh will have his team ready. (Next game: vs. NYG)

4. New York Giants (10, won 24-20): 6-2. That final drive Eli Manning put together looked awfully similar to another drive we saw him do against Tom Brady and the Patriots. (Next game: at San Francisco)

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (2, lost 23-20): 6-3. They let a golden opportunity slip away against the Ravens and the defense let them down big time. Can they rebound against the upstart Bengals? (Next game: at Cincinnati)

6. Detroit Lions (6, Bye): 6-2. Next up, the Lions have their biggest game yet this season; in Chicago. With a loss here, they’ll be tied at 6-3. (Next game: at Chicago)

7. New England Patriots (4, lost 24-20): 5-3. That loss against the Giants was deja vu all over again for the Patriots. This team has a lot of work to do. (Next game: at NYJ on SNF)

8. New Orleans Saints (9, won 27-16): 6-3. They got a much needed win against the Buccaneers and it gets even bigger this weekend in Atlanta. (Next game: at Atlanta)

9. Houston Texans (8, won 30-12): 6-3. The story of the year for the Texans has been the play of their resurgent defense. Credit to Wade Phillips. (Next game: at Tampa Bay)

10. Cincinnati Bengals (11, won 24-17): 6-2. If the Bengals can win this Sunday against the Steelers, they are legitimate contenders to win the AFC North. Who saw this coming? (Next game: vs. Pittsburgh)

11. Atlanta Falcons (14, won 31-7): 5-3. The Falcons are heating up, and can take control of first place in the NFC South with a win over the Saints Sunday. (Next game: vs. New Orleans)

12. Chicago Bears (12, won 30-24): 5-3. It’s amazing how the Bears offense can look so good at times, yet so bad at others. They did an amazing job Monday Night in Philadelphia, as Jay Cutler didn’t get sacked once. (Next game: vs Detroit)

13. New York Jets (15, won 27-11): 5-3. The Jets came out of their bye week fresh, and played their best game of the season in Buffalo. Next, they have a rematch with the Patriots for first place in the AFC East. (Next game: vs. New England on SNF)

14. Buffalo Bills (7, lost 27-11): 5-3. The Bills came out flat in a must win and now hit the road for their next three games. It starts in Dallas this week. (Next game: at Dallas)

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (16, lost 27-16): 4-4. With the Saints and Falcons both 5-3 and playing each other on Sunday, the Buccaneers have a must win this weekend. (Next game: vs. Houston)

16. Philadelphia Eagles (13, lost 30-24): 3-5. Of all the Eagles losses this season, that one against the Bears is the most disappointing. They had every chance to win that game. (Next game: vs. Arizona)

17. Dallas Cowboys (19, won 23-13): 4-4. The Cowboys won, but lost Miles Austin to a hamstring injury yet again. That hurts. (Next game: vs. Buffalo)

18. San Diego Chargers (18, lost 45-38): 4-4. In a wide open AFC West, there’s no reason the Chargers shouldn’t win the division. It’s all on Philip Rivers. (Next game: vs. Oakland on TNF)

19. Kansas City Chiefs (17, lost 31-3): 4-4. That’s the Chiefs team we all came to know and love throughout the first three weeks of the season. (Next game: vs. Denver)

20. Oakland Raiders (20, lost 38-24): 4-4. That’s now six interceptions in two games for Carson Palmer as a Raider. (Next game: at SDG on TNF)

21. Tennessee Titans (21, lost 24-17): 4-4. Another week, another Chris Johnson disappearance. Okay, this week he was a little better. (Next game: at Carolina)

22. Minnesota Vikings (23, Bye): 2-6. The Vikings come out of the bye week with a trip to Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football. Gulp. (Next game: at Green Bay on MNF)

23. Carolina Panthers (24, Bye): 2-6. Cam Newton comes out of the bye week with one thing in mind; getting wins. It starts this week against the Titans. (Next game: vs. Tennessee)

24. Denver Broncos (28, won 38-24): 3-5. Don’t look now, but the Broncos are now just one game out of the AFC West lead. They can move a step closer with a win over Kansas City on Sunday. (Next game: at Kansas City)

25. Cleveland Browns (22, lost 30-12): 3-5. It might be time to face the realization that Colt McCoy is not the answer at quarterback for the Browns. (Next game: vs. St. Louis)

26. Washington Redskins (25, lost 19-11): 3-5. A once promising start for the Redskins has quickly spun out of control. (Next game: at Miami)

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (26, Bye): 2-6. Can Blaine Gabbert ignite the offense against a bad Colts defense this weekend? (Next game: at Indianapolis)

28. Seattle Seahawks (27, lost 23-13): 2-6. As a Seahawks fan, what exactly do you have to be excited for throughout the rest of the season? (Next game: vs. Baltimore)

29. Arizona Cardinals (30, won 19-13): 2-6. I think the Cardinals should be pretty happy with their Patrick Peterson selection at this point in the season. (Next game: at Philadelphia)

30. St. Louis Rams (30, lost 19-13): 1-7. The Rams had that game won in Arizona, but failed to capitalize when they needed to close it out. Sam Bradford has taken a step back this season. (Next game: at Cleveland)

31. Miami Dolphins (31, won 31-3): 1-7. Dolphins fans can’t be too satisfied with any wins at this point in the season, as bad as that is. (Next game: vs. Washington)

32. Indianapolis Colts (32, lost 31-7): 0-9. With the Dolphins loss, the Colts are not in the drivers seat for Andrew Luck. Just lose, baby. (Next game: vs. Jacksonville)

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