Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

Photo courtesy of fantasyfootballhelp.com. Not too many people are talking about the lone undefeated team in the NFL after six weeks. Green Bay has been simply outstanding riding guys such as Jordy Nelson (pictured above) to easy victories.

By Wesley Kaminsky

Week six is in the books, and it consisted of drama–and lots of it. Some of it wasn’t even on the field itself. Following the 49ers comeback victory in Detroit, Jim Harbaugh was excited, and fiery. Apparently Lions coach Jim Schwartz didn’t like how Harbaugh shook his hand, as he continued to yell at the Niners coach all the way down the field. The two had to be broken up as they were heading into the tunnel.

Now, that’s drama.

If you don’t know anything about Jim Harbaugh, that’s just his personality. He does things his way and doesn’t care what people say about him. Remember while at Stanford when Pete Carroll famously asked Harbaugh, “what’s your deal?”  Do you think Harbaugh looks like the kind of guy who cares how he is perceived?

No coach has done a better job this season than him either. After inheriting a 6-10 49er’s team, and having a limited off-season due to the lockout, Harbaugh has brought football back in San Francisco. He has done with Alex Smith what neither Mike Nolan, or Mike Singletary was able to do; make him a quarterback.

There’s just something about this Harbaugh guy.

1. Green Bay Packers (1, won 24-3): 6-0. Every week you watch the Packers, the more they look unbeatable this season. (Next week: at Minnesota)

2. New England Patriots (3, won 20-16): 5-1. You can only shut down Tom Brady for so long, and the Cowboys learned the hard way. That final drive was vintage Brady. (Next week: Bye)

3. Baltimore Ravens (5, won 29-14): 4-1. The Ravens will be riding Ray Rice all season long, and that was evident on Sunday against the Texans. (Next week: at Jacksonville on MNF)

4. New Orleans Saints (2, lost 26-20): 4-2. Drew Brees made some very uncharacteristic throws in Tampa Bay and it cost them the win. They’ll rebound  next week against the Colts. (Next week: vs. Colts on SNF)

5. San Francisco 49ers (10, won 25-19): 5-1. Jim Harbaugh has changed the whole culture of the 49ers organization, and has turned Alex Smith into a quarterback in the process. (Next week: Bye)

6. Detroit Lions (4, lost 25-19): 5-1 So now we know the Lions won’t go undefeated this season. We also know that Jim Schwartz wants a piece of Jim Harbaugh. (Next week: vs. Atlanta)

7. San Diego Chargers (7, Bye): 4-1. The Chargers got some good news when it was announced that Jason Campbell would miss the season. The AFC West is theirs to lose. (Next week:  at New York Jets)

8. Buffalo Bills (6, lost 27-24): 4-2. That’s a game the Bills should have had and they know it too. Still, nobody expected them to be 4-2 heading into the bye week. (Next week: Bye)

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (9, won 17-13): 4-2. That game was a little closer than the Steelers would have liked but the important thing is they held on. They’ll get it together eventually. (Next week: at Arizona)

10. New York Giants (11, won 27-24): 4-2. The Giants escaped with a win over the Bills on Sunday, and head into the bye week in first place in the NFC East. (Next week: Bye)

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17, won 26-20): 4-2. Okay, so now we know the Buccaneers are not as bad as they displayed in their 48-3 loss in San Francisco. That win let the Saints know the Bucs aren’t going away. (Next week: vs. Chicago)

12. Chicago Bears (16, won 39-10): 3-3. The Bears offensive line troubles are gone. Okay, at least for a week. (Next week: at Tampa Bay)

13. Houston Texans (8, lost 29-14): 3-3. Is this Texans team different than previous years? They can prove it with a win in Tennessee on Sunday. (Next week: at Tennessee)

14. New York Jets (14, won 24-6): 3-3. We didn’t exactly learn anything about the Jets on Monday Night. All we learned is that the Dolphins are really, really bad. (Next week: vs. San Diego)

15. Oakland Raiders (13, won 24-17): 4-2. The Raiders won, but lost Jason Campbell for the season in the process. That will hurt big time. (Next week: vs. Kansas City)

16. Dallas Cowboys (15, lost 20-16): 2-3. The Cowboys did everything right, until they had to stop Tom Brady at the end. Jason Garrett showed little trust in Tony Romo on that final drive. (Next week: vs. St. Louis)

17. Atlanta Falcons (18, won 31-17): 3-3. Can a win like that turn the Falcons season around? I know for sure that a win this week in Detroit will. (Next week: at Detroit)

18. Cincinnati Bengals (19, won 27-17): 4-2. At 4-2, the Bengals are shocking everybody this season. The bye week comes before road tests in Seattle and Tennessee. We’ll learn more about this team then. (Next week: Bye)

19. Philadelphia Eagles (22, won 20-13): 2-4. Did the Eagles play well or was Rex Grossman just that bad? A win is a win though, the Eagles will take anything at this point. (Next week: Bye)

20. Washington Redskins (12, lost 20-13): 3-2. And just like that, the real Rex Grossman shows up. Everybody knew it was coming. (Next week: at Carolina)

21. Tennessee Titans (20, Bye): 3-2. The Titans can take control of first place in the AFC South with a win over the Texans this week. (Next week: vs. Houston)

22. Seattle Seahawks (21, Bye): 2-3. Pete Carroll tried to recruit LeBron to the Seahawks over the bye week. The sad thing is that might be the most exciting aspect of their season. (Next week: at Cleveland)

23. Kansas City Chiefs (24, Bye): 2-3. Believe it or not, with a win this week in Oakland, the Chiefs can get back to .500. (Next week: at Oakland)

24. Cleveland Browns (25, lost 24-17): 2-3. What’s up with Peyton Hillis this season? Can you say “Madden Jinx?” (Next week: vs. Seattle)

25. Carolina Panthers (23, lost 31-17): 1-5. Cam Newton keeps putting up numbers, but he isn’t getting any wins. At least he’s making the Panthers relevant again. (Next week: vs. Washington)

26. Denver Broncos (27, Bye): 1-4. The Tim Tebow era officially launches this week in Miami, a state Tebow is a bit familiar playing in. (Next week: at Miami)

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (29, lost 17-13): 1-5. Blaine Gabbert isn’t making mistakes, but he isn’t moving the ball on offense either. (Next week: vs. Baltimore on MNF)

28. Minnesota Vikings (26, lost 39-10): 1-5. We may have just seen the end of Donovan McNabb’s career on Sunday Night in Chicago. It wasn’t pretty. (Next week: vs. Green Bay)

29. Arizona Cardinals (28, Bye): 1-4. The Cardinals come out of their bye week and play the Steelers in a 2008 Super Bowl rematch. I’d say the Cardinals are a little different this team around. (Next week: vs. Pittsburgh)

30. Indianapolis Colts (30, lost 27-17): 0-6. When will their first win without Peyton Manning come?  Looking at their schedule, it’s looking like week ten when they host the Jaguars. (Next week: at New Orleans on SNF)

31. St. Louis Rams (32, lost 24-3): 0-5. Sam Bradford finally has another weapon on offense thanks to the addition of Brandon Lloyd. The bad news is they are winless. (Next week: at Dallas)

32. Miami Dolphins (31, lost 24-6): 0-5. At this point there’s really nothing Tony Sparano can do It’s officially that time for the Dolphins to ‘Suck for Luck.’ (Next week: vs. Denver)

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