NFL Week 15 Predictions

Photo courtesy of Tim Tebow has stole the headlines for the past couple of months with his astonishing 7 and 1 record as a starter this season. Meanwhile, Tom Brady (pictured above) has continued to win games too.

By Josh Kramer

Tim Tebow continues to shock the world and “Tebowtize” the NFL as he braces for what should be an epic showdown with Tom Brady’s Patriots.  Aaron Rodgers is putting on one of the greatest regular season performances of all time.  The Bears Sam Hurd is deserving of the ultimate “Cmon Man.”  And the Cincinnati Bengals magical season is all but over in terms of postseason hopes.  Only three weeks remain in what has already been a crazy NFL regular season.

As has become the tradition, we are once again having “TheSportsKraze Pick’em Challenge.”

The participants this season are as follows:

TheSportsKraze (TSK) (defending champion)-Josh Kramer-Founder/Editor-In-Chief of “TheSportsKraze” and former ESPN intern.

CV3-Chad Vordenberge-An elite high school wide receiver and a very successful business owner.

CB-Craig Baker-A former collegiate baseball player and current special education teacher.

DC-David Clark-A dedicated sports fan who was coached by TheSportsKraze on his fraternity flag football team.  After playing for TheSportsKraze, he has developed a slow but steady motivation to show his coach who the real pick’em champion is.

After Week 14, here is the scoreboard.





Week 15 Slate:

Dallas Cowboys (CB, TSK, CV3, DC) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

-The Word:  Last week’s loss to the G-Men was definitely a heartbreaker for the Cowboys.  You would be hard pressed to find a team outside of Indianapolis that is pressing as bad as Tampa Bay though.

Carolina Panthers (DC) at Houston Texans (CB, TSK, CV3)

-The Word:  Cam Newton will be tested against one of the League’s elite defensive units.  Will Texas suffer from a hangover after clinching the first playoff berth in franchise history?

Washington Redskins at New York Giants (CB, TSK, CV3, DC)

-The Word:  The Redskins would love nothing more than to hinder New York’s playoff aspirations.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (CB, TSK, CV3, DC)

-The Word:  Buffalo started out the year on such a high note.  Then Ryan Fitzpatrick signed a big-time contract extension.

Seattle Seahawks (CV3) at Chicago Bears (CB, TSK, DC)

-The Word:  The question is not whether “Beast Mode” will occur at Soldier Field.  It is a matter of when and how bad it will hurt.  This is a must win for Chicago.

New Orleans Saints (CB, TSK, CV3. DC) at Minnesota Vikings

-The Word:  In almost any other year, Drew Brees would be a frontrunner for the MVP award (see Aaron Rodgers).  Expect Brees to have another field day against a rotten Minnesota secondary.

Cincinnati Bengals (CB, TSK, CV3, DC) at St. Louis Rams

-The Word:  Though the astonishing 6 and 2 start seems so long ago, Cincinnati should pick up a much-needed win against a horrendous St. Louis team.

Tennessee Titans (CB, TSK, CV3, DC) at Indianapolis Colts

-The Word:  It seems as if Indianapolis will move one step closer to the Lions infamous “defeated” season of 2008.

Green Bay Packers (CB, TSK, CV3, DC) at Kansas City Chiefs

-The Word:  Can KC hold the electric Green Bay offense under 40 points?  I wouldn’t count on it.

Detroit Lions (CB, TSK, CV3) at Oakland Raiders (DC)

-The Word:  Both teams need this game in the worst way in order to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Will Suh get to know Carson Palmer on a more personal level?

New England Patriots (TSK, CV3, DC) at Denver Broncos (CB)

-The Word:  Tebow versus Brady.  Enough said.

New York Jets (TSK) at Philadelphia Eagles (CB, CV3, DC)

-The Word:  The Jets finally seem to be figuring it out just in the nick of time.  Philadelphia looked great last week against Miami, but it is too little too late for the “Dream Team.”

Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals (CB, TSK, CV3, DC)

-The Word:  Two teams heading in very different directions.  If you want to watch an inept offensive unit, tune in and watch the Browns this Sunday.

Baltimore Ravens (TSK, DC, CV3) at San Diego Chargers (CB)

-The Word:  This is one of the biggest games of both Norv Turner and Philip Rivers’ career.  Sadly for San Diego, the one and only Ray Lewis will likely be back on the field.

Pittsburgh Steelers (CB, TSK, DC) at San Francisco 49ers (CV3)

-The Word: A possible Super Bowl preview?  Green Bay would not agree, but nonetheless, two great teams going toe to toe on football’s biggest stage.

Game of the Week:  New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

-Most of you are probably scratching your head on this pick for the “Game of the Week.”  How could I pass up on the Pittsburgh vs San Francisco game?  Well does that game feature the “It” player in the NFL taking on the former “It” player?  I don’t think so.  This is Tebow versus Brady.  Young lion versus old lion.  Two of the game’s biggest stars going head to head.  Could Tim Tebow really “Tebowtize” Tom Brady and the Patriots?

-If there was any week where Tim Tebow could and should put up big time passing numbers, it would be this week.  New England’s secondary is absolutely atrocious, ranking dead last in the NFL (they give up 308.7 passing yards a game).  Now I know I have been saying it for a while, but everyone’s luck runs out at some point.  Tebow is a heck of a competitor.  He represents all that is great in sports.  Sadly though, he just does not have the tools (at least not yet) to defeat elite competition.  There is no way Denver wins this game putting up 13, 16, or even 17 points.  If Denver does not go over 20, they will not beat New England.  Despite New England’s horrid defense, I like my chances on Denver putting up less than 20 points on Sunday.  Tim Tebow will move to 7 and 2 on the year (which is still amazing), and Tom Brady will leave no doubt about which quarterback is the better player.  There is a reason why Tom Brady has won 77% of the NFL games he has started.

Stat of the Week:

-The number 7 is the stat of the week.  Tom Brady has the 7th best-selling fathead poster in the NFL this week.  I bet you could guess who has the number one selling fathead (Tebow) poster.  Fathead sales do not equate to victories.  Tom Brady has won 77% of the games he has started in his illustrious career.  And despite playing on a New England team that has its worst defense by far in the Tom Brady era, Brady will get the job done on Sunday despite only have the number 7 selling fathead poster in the NFL.

Key Insight:

CV3:  I think “Tebow Time” will come to an end this week. Brady will not allow his team to give up a final drive to the Broncos.  If Tebow somehow comes up with a crazy last minute drive, you better count on Brady coming up with one of his own.

CB:  Game of the week for me is New England at Denver. All of the Tebow hype has finally got to me. How can you not like this guy? All he does is win! I look for him to have a good game against the weak Patriots defense. It is going to take a lot out of Mr. Tebow for the Broncos to win the game. It will be important for him to keep his offense on the field as much as possible because of the machine-like offense the Patriots possess. This could be a great test for that offense though considering the Broncos defense is one of the best in the NFL. I look for the Broncos to win this game!

DC:  We have an intriguing matchup out in San Francisco this week with the 10-3 Steelers taking on another 10-3 team in the 49ers.  We all know that the Packers are the best team from top to bottom in the NFL this year.  The real question in my mind is who is number 2?  Two of the six 10-3 squads get to state their case against each other and I think the Steel Curtain comes out on top.  The Niners play a defensive game.  A game that Dick LeBeau usually wins for the Black and Yellow.  But, in my humble opinion, Baltimore is the second best team in the league this year.  I am sticking with them to win the Super Bowl in February– just like when I said it way back in August.  Also, I hope the Patriots lay a beat down on Tim Tebow and the Broncos.  I am sick of hearing about this less-than-average, lucky quarterback.  With all the talk about the heavenly Packers and the second coming (Tim Tebow), do not forget that we have 6 teams battling it out to be #2.  I want to hear who can beat the Packers– not who can luckily beat 6 sub-par ball clubs while throwing for 130 yards per game.

TSK:  Week 15 should be one for the ages.  First of all you have a good few teams playing for their playoff lives.  Teams such as Detroit, Chicago, San Diego, Dallas, New York (Giants), and I could go on.  Also, the Monday Night Game is a stellar matchup for once.  Yes, this year’s Monday Night Games have featured some fairly lackluster matchups.  And then of course there is the Brady/Tebow throwdown in Denver.  You don’t really think Tim Tebow could “Tebowtize” Tom Brady do you?

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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