Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Eagles Hit Rock Bottom

Photo courtesy of withfriendship.com. Andy Reid (pictured above) appears to be sitting on a boiling seat these days. His time in Philadelphia appears about done.

By Wesley Kaminsky

Eagles 34, Cowboys 7. That was the score three weeks ago when the Eagles dominated the Cowboys, winning their second straight game, leading people to believe that the self-proclaimed “Dream Team” had finally figured it out.

How fooled we all were.

After a Week 9 home loss to the Bears on Monday Night Football, Eagles fans had all but lost hope. Week 10 was a new low, as they lost to the John Skelton-led Cardinals in Philadelphia 21-17. At 3-6, Andy Reid’s seat has never been hotter, and the city of Philadelphia has lost its patience. Michael Vick has regressed this season, and his status is in doubt for their Sunday Night game in New York. If he cannot go, Vince Young, the very man who proclaimed the Eagles the “Dream Team” would start. Oh, joy.

1. Green Bay Packers (1, won 45-7): 9-0. With just under half the season to play, an undefeated season is very realistic in Green Bay. With Aaron Rodgers playing at this level, it may just happen. (Next game: vs. Tampa Bay)

2. San Francisco 49ers (3, won 27-20): 8-1. That’s now seven straight wins for the 49ers, and they continue to be the story of the 2011 season. Watch out Green Bay. (Next game: vs. Arizona)

3. New England Patriots (7, won 37-16): 6-3. Shame on all of us for ever doubting the Patriots and Bill Belichick. That was a thing of beauty Sunday Night in New York. (Next game: vs. Kansas City on MNF)

4. New Orleans Saints (8, won 26-23): 7-3. The Saints head into their bye week in first place of the NFC South. That’s got to feel pretty good. (Next game: Bye)

5. Baltimore Ravens (2, lost 22-17): 6-3. The Ravens fell into a trap game in Seattle and showed why it’s so hard to trust them. Just like that, the Steelers are right back in first place. (Next game: vs. Cincinnati)

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (5, won 24-17): 7-3. Even having lost to the Ravens twice, the Steelers go into their bye week in first place of the AFC North. That was a big win in Cincinnati. (Next game: Bye)

7. New York Giants (4, lost 27-20): 6-3. Eli Manning had his chances, but couldn’t execute another fourth quarter rally for the second straight week. Next they have a rematch with the Eagles. (Next game: vs. Philadelphia on SNF)

8. Chicago Bears (12, won 37-13): 6-3. They dominated the Lions on Sunday, and with an easy schedule the rest of the way, there’s a good chance the Bears may be returning to the post-season. (Next game: vs. San Diego)

9. Houston Texans (9, won 37-9): 7-3. Matt Schaub’s season ending injury could not come at a worse time for the Texans, who are on fire. Houston, get to know Matt Leinart. (Next game: Bye)

10. Detroit Lions (6, lost 37-13): 6-3. It’s starting to become a crucial time in the season, and we’re going to see what the Lions are made of. Are they ready for the playoffs? (Next game: vs. Carolina)

11. Dallas Cowboys (17, won 44-7): 5-4. Tony Romo is playing his best football of the season, and the Cowboys appear to be clicking. We’ve seen this before; is this the real thing? (Next game: at Washington).

12. Cincinnati Bengals (10, lost 24-17): 6-3. That was a tough loss against the Steelers, and it doesn’t get any easier this week in Baltimore. Are the Bengals for real? (Next game: at Baltimore)

13. Atlanta Falcons (11, lost 26-23): 5-4. Why Mike Smith went for it on fourth and inches in overtime I have no idea. That ludicrous act showed no faith in his defense. (Next game: vs. Tennessee)

14. New York Jets (13, lost 37-16): 5-4. Any thoughts that the Jets were grabbing the torch from the Patriots in the AFC East were quickly put to rest Sunday Night. That was embarrassing. (Next game: at Denver on TNF)

15. Oakland Raiders (20, won 24-17): 5-4. Carson Palmer played his best game as a Raider, and he gives them a legitimate chance to win every game. They are the team to beat in the AFC West. (Next game: at Minnesota)

16. Buffalo Bills (14, lost 44-7): 5-4. A once promising start for the Bills has quickly taken a turn for the worse. Their season is on the line in Miami. (Next game: at Miami)

17. Tennessee Titans (21, won 30-3): 5-4. Chris Johnson came to life on Sunday, and the Titans are now very much alive in the AFC South with Matt Schaub out for the year. (Next game: at Atlanta)

18. San Diego Chargers (18, lost 24-17): 4-5. That’s now four straight losses for the Chargers, including back to back divisional losses. The pressure will mount with each loss. (Next game: vs. Chicago)

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (15, lost 37-9): 4-5. I’ve always liked Josh Freeman, but there’s no doubt that he is taking a big step back this season. That’s 13 interceptions already, compared to just six a season ago.

20. Denver Broncos (24, won 17-10): 4-5. Tim Tebow threw just eight passes, but delivered on a strike to Eric Decker to seal the deal. He’s 3-1 as a starter. The guy is just a winner. (Next game: vs. NYJ on TNF)

21 Arizona Cardinals (29, won 21-17): 3-6. If John Skelton wins this weekend in San Francisco, could there be a quarterback change coming in Arizona? Kevin Kolb is used to losing his job to injury. (Next game: at San Francisco)

22. Philadelphia Eagles (16, lost 21-17): 3-6. Things are getting worse in Philadelphia every week, and there’s no excuse for that loss against the Cardinals. None. (Next game: at NYG on SNF)

23. Seattle Seahawks (28, won 22-17): 3-6. It’s amazing how much better of a team the Seahawks look at home. Marshawn Lynch was in total “Beast Mode” on Sunday. (Next game: at St. Louis)

24. Miami Dolphins (31, won 20-9): 2-7. After an 0-7 start, that’s now two in a row for the Dolphins, who look like a different team. The bad news is they are ruining their chances for Andrew Luck. (Next game: vs. Buffalo)

25. Kansas City Chiefs (19, lost 17-10): 4-5. With Matt Cassel likely out for the season, the Tyler Palko era kicks off in Kansas City. Hold your breath, Chiefs fans. (Next game: at New England on MNF)

26. Washington Redskins (26, lost 20-9): 3-6. The Redskins have now lost five straight games, and are so desperate, they resorted back to Rex Grossman. Yikes. (Next game: vs. Dallas)

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (27, won 17-3): 3-6. The Jaguars defense continues to play well this season.  But will it be enough for Jack Del Rio to hang around? (Next game: at Cleveland)

28. Cleveland Browns (25, lost 13-12):3-6. The Browns quite frankly just aren’t a very good football team. There’s no excuse for that loss against the Rams. (Next game: vs. Jacksonville)

29. St. Louis Rams (30, won 13-12): 2-7. The rest of the season is just about seeing continuing progress out of Sam Bradford, who has had a disappointing sophomore season. (Next game: vs. Seattle)

30. Minnesota Vikings (22, lost 45-7): 2-7. Something tells me the Vikings problems go beyond the quarterback position. That was embarrassing in Green Bay. (Next game: vs. Oakland)

31. Carolina Panthers (23, lost 30-3): 2-7. Cam Newton struggled big time, and the Panthers got rocked against the Titans. They are better than this. (Next game: at Detroit)

32. Indianapolis Colts (32, lost 17-3): 0-10. The bye week could not come at a better time for the winless Colts. A defeated season is a realistic possibility in Indianapolis. (Next game: Bye)

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