The idea of “TheSportsKraze” sporting platform was constructed through vast discussions between myself and our current Web Editor, Mr. Robel Kidane in mid September of 2009.  By the end of September 2009, “Kraze Sports” was founded and housed on the Blog Spot blogging forum.  After about two weeks, “Kraze Sports” became “TheSportsKraze,” and the rest is history.

I’m Josh Kramer, Editor in Chief and Founder of TheSportsKraze. I’m a sports fanatic. I will relay my thoughts regarding any and all sports action on a daily basis. Check in and spread the word.

Keep the Dream Alive.



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  1. Josh,

    I enjoy your articles. You are a wonderful writer. Keep up the great job.

    Molly’s Mom

  2. Mrs. Inderhees,
    Thank you for the compliments. Hope you continue to enjoy.


  3. Great articles! Well-done josh..Hope to follow and read some of your post!

  4. Hey JKraze! I love the site. I knew you were a little sports-obsessed but now that I see the extent to which you are, I’m actually diggin it. I really think you’re going somewhere with this so keep it up! And I’ll try my best to keep up with it and learn all the sports lingo from you because I’m going to be honest, I get kind of lost when it comes to basketball lol. Looking forward to next month’s update 🙂


    • Sara,
      I am glad you enjoyed the blog. Posts go up pretty much every day so you are more than welcome to get your sports fix every day via TheSportsKraze. Hope all is well.


  5. Josh,
    Having spent time taking more than a casual stroll through the site, I’ll give you credit for some interesting posts and insights. You clearly know baseball, football, tennis, and even pro basketball, BUT, you really need to return to kindergarten and start over when it comes to NCAA BBall !!!
    Duke… SOFT… Really ??!!!
    Because of His Majesty Coach K, Duke teams always possess an excess of finesse. And to the unpracticed, novice eye, this might be perceived as weakness. However, remember that toughness comes in two forms, physical and mental. While Duke has given cause for concern with some questionable performances, Coach K and the Duke brand of mental toughness still makes them a force to be reckoned with.
    5 will get you 10 that the Blue Devils see the Final Four.

    Actually Josh, loved the site, when Duke beats Ohio State in the finals, you’ll be hearing from me !!!!

    aka Eileen’s Dad
    aka Al

    • Mr. Dukeman,
      I appreciate the compliments on the site. It is something that I truly love doing each and every day. I also appreciate the compliments on being knowledgable in regards to basically all sports but College Basketball. That is not too shabby. In regards to Duke, both them and Ohio State were my pick last April on this very blog in my very early Preseason rankings. Then this year, just before play started, I still had Duke and Ohio State. Unless Kyrie Irving comes back, repeating will be very difficult for the Blue Devils.

      If they do somehow pull off the repeat though, I would love to hear from you. In addition, Duke does play some very good fundamental basketball. They have always been a finesse team. But this year, they have no interior presence. Last year they had Mr. Zoubek. Without a physical interior presence, they are lacking in “physical” toughness. In addition, Scheyer was a champ at making the big shot. March Madness is always a blast. I cannot wait to see what happens.


  6. I hope you were expecting to hear from me!
    Duke 75 – UNC 58
    I was considering trying to write something profound or perhaps even insightful. But, why spoil the moment !!!

    And you do realize…Irving was at a shoot around the other day…hmmmm!

    Best Regards

  7. Josh,
    First things first, it appears the odds makers agree with you, the latest line in the Vegas sports books have OSU on top. The top four round out:
    OSU 2/1
    Duke 9/2
    Kansas 3/1
    UNC 8/1

    That being said, you are still wrong. Other than being a raging Dukie, there is a method to my March madness.

    His majesty Krzyzewski says Irving will get even more time. Kyrie has had two games to shake the rust loose and will only get better. Paired with Nolan Smith, its hard to make a case that there is a better backcourt anywhere.
    Watch what Duke does with Arizona’s Williams, although he’s a bit lighter than Sullinger, a successful game plan and performance here will bode well IF Duke meets OSU in the Final Four.
    Coach K and the case for experience…Matta’s good, but has yet to deliver. Smith, Singler, et. al. know what to do.
    That’s all it takes for another banner BABY!!

    But, I’m curious, how do you feel about UK vs. OSU?? Is it a lock

    Dukeman signing off from Vegas.
    Peace out!

  8. Dukeman,
    All valid points, though I do not think Kyrie has been stellar. He has been good considering an over 3 month layoff, but he has in no way wowed me. Secondly, Arizona and OSU are completely different teams. Hard to compare the two in how Duke handles them. Lastly, I think you are overlooking a very big game. If Duke wins, they likely will take on UConn. That will be no cakewalk of a game. Duke will be favored, but you cannot overlook that type of showdown.

    Lastly, UK could shock OSU. The real question in my eyes is who from OSU is going to shut down UK Freshman star Terrence Jones. Normally OSU, puts old reliable, David Lighty on the opposing team’s 4. But can Lighty, who is a great defender, really matchup with Jones? It will be interesting to see. If OSU is on from the perimeter though, UK has little to no shot at winning. If OSU has an off shooting day, UK’s chances increase dramatically.

    It should be a great weekend of basketball.


  9. NICE BLOG! Keep up the good work!

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  10. Josh,

    Long time no see. Sorry we couldn’t be meeting under better circumstances but it has come to my attention that you are getting reckless again. A mutual friend tells me that you have weighed in on this weekend’s only basketball game that matters and come up with, and I quote…”If I were a betting man, I would take the Tar Heels…”

    Josh, I’ve always thought of you as possessing higher than average intelligence, so I’ll chalk that comment up to a night of heavy drinking.

    Duke, playing at home, with the Cameron Crazies, on Senior night, with the ACC title, and a possible NCAA number 1 seed on the line, and you wanna bet against Coach K. Tsk, tsk.

    Duke is shooting 39% from 3 point land, they’ve shown incredible mental toughness since beating UNC, and they still get no respect.

    Dude, I’ll take that bet.

    As always, love the blog.

    Best Regards,


    • Dukeman,

      I was expecting you to come back around now that it is March. I value your opinion and you bring up some valid points. I just think UNC is too good of a team to lose two times to their arch-rival in the regular season.

      I will admit that Cameron Indoor is a tough place to play though and when Duke gets hot from the perimeter, they can be lethal.

      Should be a great game. I appreciate the kind words regarding the blog. Enjoy March Madness and I look forward to talking to you soon.


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