Not this time

Photo courtesy of Brian Shaw (pictured above) should be the next head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. The question is will Rod Higgins and Michael Jordan extend him an offer?

By Josh Kramer

Around this time last year the Los Angeles Lakers were looking for a head basketball coach to succeed the great Phil Jackson.  As you are all well-aware, Mike Brown ended up being the man for the job.  Though Brown did a solid job (according to some), I along with many (including Kobe Bryant) felt another candidate was the man for the job.  Well once again, Brian Shaw is in the running to obtain his first NBA head coaching job.

It is no secret that the Charlotte Bobcats are in need of a lot of things.  After going 7-59 last season and posting the lowest winning percentage in NBA history, there are holes galore.  This is to be expected with a team that posted a winning percentage of .106.  Also, the Bobcats unfortunately will not get to pick the lone guy who appears to be a sure-fire franchise player, Anthony Davis (the New Orleans Hornets will).  And Michael Jordan isn’t coming out of retirement any time soon.

According to most sources, the two finalists to fill the position are Quin Snyder and Brian Shaw.  Snyder is without question qualified.  He has head coaching experience from his days running the show in Missouri, and of course from his four years spent as a head coach in the NBDL.  Plus, he has studied under some of the all-time greats like Larry Brown, Mike Krzyzewski, and more.  Snyder only has a few years of NBA experience though.  Just ask John Calipari and Rick Pitino about the transition from the collegiate to the professional ranks.  This is Brian Shaw’s time.  The guy has paid his dues and been given the shaft enough times (by both LA and Golden State last year). Plus, he has over a decade worth of NBA coaching experience. Granted, Shaw was likely a better fit to take over running the Lake Show last year than the Bobcats in the present, he is still nonetheless very deserving and qualified.

Now the ball is in Michael Jordan and Rod Higgins court.  With Jerry Sloan officially out of the running, I personally believe that Jordan and Higgins will make the right decision early next week and offer the position to Brian Shaw.  Last year at this time, Brian Shaw was not a happy man.  Not this time though.  Brian Shaw will be and should be the next coach of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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