Food for Thought 9-11-2012

Photo courtesy of Robert Griffin III (pictured above) made things look very easy in the Big Easy on Sunday. Will he continue to play this way all season?

By Josh Kramer

Sports played a prominent role in helping our country cope with the unthinkable terrorist acts that occurred 11 years ago to the day.  Our nation holds sports near and dear to their hearts on a daily basis.  The USA has grown stronger as a nation since the horrific terrorist acts of 9/11 and sports are still doing their part.

RGIII was made for DC

Maybe Robert Griffin III is football’s version of Superman.  The reigning Heisman Trophy winner put on a debut performance for the ages on Sunday, leading the Redskins to an opening day victory over the Saints.  Now sure, one could argue that Matt Ryan put up slightly better numbers on Sunday.  Or that Cam Newton threw for 422 yards in his rookie debut last September.

Let’s focus on reality though.  Matt Ryan has far more experience and an outstanding supporting cast.  Also, exactly one year ago, Cam Newton passed for an astonishing 422 yards, but he also tossed an interception, and his team lost the game.  With five rookie quarterbacks starting on Sunday, I think much of America forgot just how hard it is to be a rookie quarterback in the NFL.  By Sunday evening, everyone remembered after four of the quarterbacks went home losers and tossed a combined 11 interceptions (and just two touchdowns).

RGIII on the other hand made things look easy as he outplayed future Hall of Famer Drew Brees in front of a hostile Saints crowd. Guys like Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson, and Brandon Weeden were not as fortunate.  But it takes time to develop into a solid NFL starting quarterback.  Even Peyton Manning went an abysmal 3 and 13 as a rookie.  None of the five rookie starters have great supporting casts around them, as is typically the case for highly touted quarterback prospects.

Can we expect RGIII to play like this every week?  Unfortunately for Redskins fans, that is very unlikely.  Yet the talent and poise of this kid is simply sensational, and might be the answer to transform the dwindling Redskins organization back into contenders.  RGIII became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 300 yards, toss two touchdowns, and zero interceptions in a debut.

After Week 1, it appears RGIII is the perfect fit for DC.  I am going to make sure to keep this in perspective though.  Robert Griffin III has only played one game in the NFL.  Report back in a few months.  Then we will really have a much better idea about the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and his rookie season in the nation’s capital.

Quick Thoughts:

The time has come

Since April 6, 2007, Billy Gillispie’s coaching career and life in general have spiraled in the wrong direction.  Yesterday, with Texas Tech’s leading scorer Jordan Tolbert speaking out against the coach, a pink slip has been all but assured.  During this extended medical leave, it appears to be time for Coach Gillispie to rethink his priorities and perhaps his career choices moving forward.

Like riding a bicycle

610 days and four neck surgeries later, Peyton Manning still is one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks.  On Sunday night, America was treated to an amazing chess match between Peyton Manning and Troy Polamalu.  Manning won and made history in doing so, becoming just the third quarterback in NFL history to toss 400 touchdowns.  Denver not only made the postseason last year, but they won a game.  They did this with Tim Tebow under center.  Super Bowl discussions are forthcoming even if it is still mid-September.

Summer of Serena

It has truly been a summer to remember for Serena Williams.  First she handled business at the All England Club winning both the singles and doubles crowns in the most prestigious event in tennis.  Then she returned to London and accomplished the same feat at the Olympics.  Now she has capturd the US Open crown.  Following a first-round exit at Roland Garros that made many question whether Serena’s time was up (including myself), the younger Williams’ sister has gone a remarkable 26 and 1, winning every major tournament during the past couple of months aside from Cincinnati.  As I have said many times before, I have never seen an athlete who can turn the switch on and off the way that Serena Williams can.

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at

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