Dwight Howard Soap Opera

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com. If you were wondering, Dwight Howard (pictured above) wants to be the "guy" no matter who he plays for next year.

By Josh Kramer

Is it just me, or does it seem like something new gets added to the Dwight Howard story every day?  We get it.  Howard is a big deal.  Not only does he average nearly 21 points and 15 rebounds a night, but he is quite possibly the only “true” center left in the NBA.  Or at least the only great center left in the NBA.  Anybody with the nickname “Superman” is likely doing something right.

Now we are 40 games into the 66-game strike shortened season.  Dwight Howard is still in Orlando.  The Magic are currently sitting firmly in the 3rd spot in the Eastern Conference.  They are in contention.  Yes, I realize the trade deadline is less than a week away (set for next Thursday at 3PM).  I just want the game of gossip girl to stop.  Kobe had it right with the way he approached the “he said she said game” with Lakers ownership recently.  Make up your mind.  Either trade Pau Gasol or not.  Though I am not a teammate of Dwight Howard, I am sick of hearing about it.  Let me rephrase that.  I am sick of the ridiculous details that get added to the story each week. And believe me, I love to know rumor central as much as the next guy right as the story is developing.  It is one of the things that makes following sports these days so special.  There is so much information available right as events are happening.  But the way this story has transpired, we know no more now than we did on Christmas.

Each week, a new team enters the Dwight Howard picture.  One week, Howard is okay with going to the Lakers.  The next, he would approve of teaming with Derrick Rose in Chicago.  And this week, it has been declared that wherever Howard goes, he wants to be the “guy.”  Any player who averages over 20 and 15 a night will likely want to be the main guy wherever he goes.   Just a hunch.  Maybe the next detail will be that the Nets would let him play with his “Superman” cape.   There are so many other great stories going on in the NBA right now.

-Miami looks to nab a title in Year two of the MonStars project.

-The Spurs seem to have contacted Juan Ponce de Leon and located the “Fountain of Youth.”

-The Los Angeles Clippers are relevant.  Let me repeat that.  The Clippers are relevant.

-Kevin Love has developed into a superstar.

Kobe Bryant, despite injuries and old age, is still leading the NBA in scoring.

-There is a guy named Jeremy Lin playing for the New York Knicks.

These are the stories I want to hear about.  And sure they get covered, but I think a good portion of the Dwight Howard nonsense could be omitted. Who cares about what team would like to add Dwight Howard to their roster this week?  Or better yet, what teams Dwight Howard claims he would be okay with playing for every other week?  All 30 teams would add Dwight Howard if they could.  Everyone gets that. He is the best center in basketball.  This is the NBA.  The highest level of basketball in the world.  It is not supposed to be some sort of soap opera.  Or is it?

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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