Chief Manning?

Photo courtesy of Our very own Andrew McNeil thinks that Kansas City would be the best place for Manning to play in 2012.

By Andrew McNeil

The biggest free agent in the history of the NFL hit the market Wednesday at  Peyton Manning will be putting on a different helmet next year. Manning has reportedly said that he wants to make his decision about which team he will be playing for quickly. This really comes as no surprise. There’s about 12 teams that are reportedly interested in his services, but if Manning truly wants to win, he should sign with the Kansas City Chiefs. I know that KC is not the most glamorous franchise of his current options, but the Chiefs have the best situation for him to win immediately.


Quietly, the Chiefs have compiled a very talented roster on both sides of the ball. On offense they have a young and improving offensive line with a solid left tackle in Branden Albert.  A stud Pro Bowl running back in Jamaal Charles.  Tony Moeaki is a decent receiving threat at tight end.  And they have a lot of depth at wide receiver. Dwayne Bowe is a former pro bowler. Jon Baldwin is a first round pick with a lot of talent and potential. Steve Breaston is a proven player in the slot and Dexter McCluster is a versatile player who can line up out wide or in the backfield, creating matchup nightmares. The only position offensively where the Chiefs seem to be lacking is… QUARTERBACK.

As talented as the Chiefs are offensively, they might be even more talented on defense. No longer will Peyton have to worry about carrying the team and scoring 24 plus points every week just to even have a chance at winning. Statistically, the Chiefs defense didn’t perform well last year, but that was due to injuries and the fact that their offense could never give them adequate time to rest. The Chiefs probably have the most talented secondary in the NFL right now with Brandon Flowers and Stanford Routt as their starting corners, with a chance to return another good player in Brandon Carr, as well as former Pro Bowl Safety Eric Berry and FS Kendrick Lewis. Glenn Dorsey has been somewhat of a disappointment considering where he was drafted, but he was a productive player last year playing the 3-4-end position. KC also has two Pro Bowl linebackers in Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson.  Not to mention rookie Justin Houston had 5.5 sacks last year.

Also, the Chiefs have the 11th pick in the upcoming draft and could add a quality player that Peyton desires to play with.

Coaching/ Front Office

New Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel and GM Scott Pioli are very familiar with Manning from their days with the New England Patriots. They realize how much control he likes to have and would probably be willing to give it to him knowing how successful he can make their team. They would gladly turn over the offense to him since Crennel is more of a defensive-minded coach.


Let’s be honest, the AFC West is the worst division in football.  The Denver Broncos won it last year at 8-8 with their quarterback completing 43% of his passes. If Manning were to come to this division, he could easily dominate it like he has done in the AFC South for so many years.

This is not saying the other destinations such as Miami and Arizona don’t have some attractive qualities as well, but if number 18 truly wants to win, he will be under center throwing touchdowns at Arrowhead Stadium next year.

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