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Marion Bartoli – An Opportunity Missed

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com. Wouldn't it be a shame if current world #7 Marion Bartoli (pictured above) had to miss the 2012 Olympic Games due to her ongoing conflict with the French Tennis Federation?

By Toni Headley

Toni Headley is a tennis expert who worked at ESPN for 10 years and has been a freelance writer there for the past 2 years.  She also previously worked at CBS Sports and has covered every major tennis tournament in the world multiple times.

Marion Bartoli will most likely miss the 2012 Olympics due to her ongoing feud with the French Tennis Federation. The current tussle stems from Miss Bartoli’s refusal to be coached by the Federation coaches and insistance that her father coaches her during Fed Cup and Olympic competitions. Miss Bartoli was hoping for an exemption from the ITF, but it seems unlikely that she will receive one. Miss Bartoli’s unwillingness to work with the federation and participate in Fed Cup competition throughout the year has deemed her ineligible to compete in the upcoming Olympics. While I am all for a player’s individual rights to choose her coaches, trainers and hitting partners, I will have to disagree with Miss Bartoli in this instance. Continue reading