Food for Thought 2-14-2012

Photo courtesy of "Linsanity" has taken over the sporting world during the course of the past week. Jeremy Lin (pictured above) is a true Cinderella story.

By Josh Kramer

Happy Va’Lin’tine’s Day.  A week ago , Jeremy Lin had 114 total points in his NBA career.  Since February 4th, he has scored 134 in five games. No matter what happens for the rest of Jeremy Lin’s life, nobody can ever take away his astounding first five “real” games with the New York Knicks (games he actually played significant minutes).  This little-known player that went undrafted out of Harvard has truly shaken up the basketball world with a real-life Cinderella story.  In doing so, he has opened up the door for hopefully more Asian-Americans to star in the sport of basketball.  I thought what Tim Tebow did this past season was insane.  Something that truly defied logic.  And it was.  But what Jeremy Lin has treated NBA fans across the globe to over the past week and a half is truly a miracle.

Let’s take a step back for a minute and fully understand where this guy is coming from.  Lin was a high school star who led Palo Alto High School to a state championship in California. This kid willed his team to a victory over nationally renowned Mater Dei High School. Yet he received no division one offers.  In addition, not even the Ivy League schools had an interest.  After much debate, Harvard eventually caved, and decided to take a chance on Lin.   After an outstanding career in which he proved to be one of the best Ivy League players of recent memory, Lin went undrafted.  Then Lin was eventually was signed by Golden State.  After going back and forth between the D-League, Lin was waived on the first day of training camp following the 2011 Lockout.  Houston claimed the former Harvard star off of waivers and then waived him on Christmas Eve.  A few days later the New York Knicks took a chance on Lin.

The first couple of months of Lin’s stay with the Knicks were not exactly eventful to say the least. Jeremy was living on his brother’s couch, and recorded a total of 55 minutes through February 3rd (23 games).  Remember, a regulation NBA game is 48 minutes in length.  On the 4th of February, Jeremy Lin’s life changed.  He morphed into a star, thoroughly outplaying Nets star point guard Deron Williams.  Lin is able to do it all.  He can score.  He can pass.  He can rebound.  And most importantly, he can win.

Since the birth of “Linsanity,” the Knicks have gone 5 and 0, despite the absence of their two real “superstars.”  Now I am by no means a fortune teller.  I cannot predict the future.  But after watching Lin dismantle, Deron Williams, Devon Harris, John Wall, Kobe Bryant, and Ricky Rubio, I think it is safe to say that this guy can play.  With the return of Amare tonight and Melo in the near future, who knows what will happen to Lin’s numbers.  I do know one thing though.  You have a better shot at winning the lottery than outplaying the likes of those five great guards that I listed above all in a weeks’ time.

Jeremy Lin just turned Baron Davis into the modern day version of Wally Pip.  Baron should be seeing a lot of bench throughout the rest of the season.

Who really needs “Tebow Time” when you have “Linsanity?”

Straight Cash Homey

Could Randy Moss be running low on cash?  We are all fully aware that he was an advocate of paying for things with “Straight Cash Homey” once upon a time.  Either way, the former star wide-receiver is planning on returning for the 2012/2013 season.  Hopefully his attempted comeback works out better than TO’s has to this point.

Lance the Dance

Now that Mr. Livestrong (Lance Armstrong) himself has been cleared of any and all steroid accusations, he is back to competing.  This time in Triathlons.  Though he finished second in the Panama Triathlon, you have to respect the man’s heart and unwavering desire to always be challenged.  The winner of the race, Bevan Docherty called out Armstrong for not being gracious in defeat.  I personally feel Docherty is envious that Armstrong is receiving all of the attention despite a second-place finish.  Docherty needs to grow up and understand what a hero Lance Armstrong is to millions of people across the globe.

The Ultimate Closer

The “Lake Show” cannot compete for a title this year with the current roster they have in place.  They must secure a legitimate point guard.  Either way though, you have to tip your hat to the show that Kobe Bryant is putting on.  Not only is he leading the NBA in scoring again, but on Sunday, the man hit the 16th game-winning shot of his career in the final five seconds of the 4th quarter.  Since 1996/1997, no other player has done this more than 14 times.  I fully understand why Larry Bird would prefer to have Kobe as a teammate than LeBron.  At the end of games, LeBron occasionally will ask for a “Check Please.”  Kobe never checks out at crunch time.

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at

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