Food for Thought 7-17-2012

Photo courtesy of Ben Sheets (pictured above) started his first Major League game in nearly two years on Sunday. It looked as if he had never left.

By Josh Kramer

Holy Sheets.  Ben Sheets is back.  After a nearly two-year hiatus between Major League starts, Ben Sheets proved that he isn’t done yet.  If I were the Washington Nationals, I would take note.  With Ben Sheets back, Atlanta not only is a wild-card contender, but they are a pennant contender.  Ben Sheets learned the number one rule that applies to all pitchers at a young age and never forgot it.  This rule is the secret to being a successful pitcher.

Throw strikes.

Did you forget when Sheets had a 116/11 strikeout-to-walk ratio back in 2006?  Or his 264/32 mark in 2004?  Guy could paint the corners in a similar fashion to Greg Maddux in the mid-90s while bringing the heat.  These days, the velocity is not going to be the same as it once was for Sheets.  Do not expect to see any 98 mph gas like the good old days.  But do expect to see the ball paint the corners and keep hitters off-balance.

With Beachy still out, the timing could not be better.  In order to compete with the Nationals, Hudson and Hanson desperately need the help of another quality starter.  Ben Sheets is only 33-years-0ld.  Despite all of the injuries and other various setbacks, Sheets could be Atlanta’s ticket back to the playoffs.  In addition, he could very well turn into the MLB’s comeback player of the year.  I know this much.  Sheets will be a hard guy to root against.

Quick Thoughts:

It’s About Time

After well over a year worth of conflict, the Bears and star running back Matt Forte have finally reached an agreement.  This was the NFL’s version of the “Dwight Howard Soap Opera,” only to a lesser degree.  I for one am happy for Matt Forte.  Chicago finally decided to show their best player the money.  It’s about time.

Au Revior Joey Votto

Or at least temporarily.  The Cincinnati Reds have only used five starting pitchers this year.  This has not been the case in Cincinnati 89 games deep since 1898.  Health issues have simply not been an issue in Cincinnati.  Until now.  Joey Votto will be sidelined for at least the next three or four weeks.  How will this team with such high expectations respond without their star?  We are going to have to find out over the next month.  Let’s play ball in Cincinnati.

Just another hometown kid

Not many players get the opportunity to star for their hometown team.  One of those such guys will be inducted into Cooperstown on Sunday (Barry Larkin).  Another one is currently enjoying it to the fullest in Minnesota (Joe Mauer).  Now Neil Walker is joining the club.  At age 26, Walker is living the good life, starring for his favorite team.  For the first time in Walker’s memory, the Pirates are actually a contender.  What could be better for lifelong fan?

Dummy Dumervil

I thought Jason Kidd stole the cake for biggest bonehead move by a professional athlete over the past couple of days.  I was wrong.  Elvis Dumervil has stolen the show this week.  First a little road range.  Then a little shirt lifting.  Next the display of firearms.  And finally a little lying to the cops.  All in a days work for the Broncos star defensive end.  This sounds like an incident out of the popular television show Jersey Shore.  Only this is not a television show.  I know Monday Night Football does not officially kickoff for another 55 days, but “C’mon Man.”

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

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