Hurricane U hits College Football

Photo courtesy of Nevin Shapiro (center) a former Miami University booster, could go down as the man who got the "U" College Football's version of the "Death Penalty."

By Josh Kramer

The Hurricane that took the world of College of athletics by storm is just picking up steam.  Columbus shenanigans are continuing, though they and College athletics look to have officially rid themselves of TP for good.  As facts continue to officially come out about the Hurricane in Coral Gables and the Pryor/Tressel/College Football love triangle, I am going to give my initial thoughts.

My opinions on the Miami devastation currently unfolding.

-I am assuming Nevin Shapiro, the driver of the Hurricane, has exaggerated his story a bit, but the gist of it has to be true.  The guy really has no reason to lie.  None of the perpetrators will end up in prison with him.

-This is the story of the year, and Yahoo Sports broke it.  Congratulations to them on a job well done.  The article, produced by Charles Robinson entitled, “Renegade Miami football booster spells out illicit benefits to players” is arguably the story of the year.  Take the time to read it in its entirety if you have a spare hour.  It truly embodies journalism at its finest.  Outstanding research.  Great writing.  And top-level entertainment that jumps off the page.  People have loved reading and hearing about the sacred “U” for over 30 years now.  And this story is some icing on the cake.  I guess the saying; “It’s All About the U” is actually true. After this storm ends though, it may not be about the U for much longer.

-For anyone who has pointed the finger at Ohio State or USC in recent history, you have the right.  But after reading and hearing about what has gone on in Coral Gables, you may be applauding OSU and USC.  Or at least the stories in Columbus in California will seem more like a G rated movie in comparison to what has gone on at the U.  And the crazy thing about all of this is the U’s lack of success during the Nevin Shapiro reign of 2002 to 2010.  At least OSU and USC were consistent top 5 programs during their scandals (I am not saying that their rule breaking is justified).  The Hurricanes arguably went through their worst run in the past 30 years for a good portion of the Shapiro Service.

-Shapiro may have had deep pockets at a time.  Who really knows what his actual money situation was (Ponzi Scheme).  But wouldn’t it be crazy, if a man so little in stature (Shapiro is 5 foot 5), took down the whole empire of all that is the U?

In regards to Columbus and the Terrelle Pryor saga.

-I do not agree with the actions of Pryor by any means.  The guy has thought he was bigger than the University since he stepped foot on the Columbus campus.  But he did have a very productive three years under center in Columbus.

-Pryor deserved to at least be eligible for the Supplemental Draft.  I think Chris Mortensen cleared this fact up with an article he wrote on Monday.   Who said there is a guarantee that he will even get drafted?  Or even make the team’s roster if he is drafted?  Nobody.  Realize that no QB has been selected in the Supplemental Draft since 1992.

-Sadly, it appears that the Columbus/Pryor/Tressel Love Triangle will ultimately end firmly in Pryor’s favor.  Pryor did the major crimes, and now Tressel (who did crimes in his own right) and Columbus are going to do the time.  Who knows when Tressel will ever get hired by a respectable program again?  And who knows what the final sanctions from the NCAA in regards to the Ohio State program are going to be.  We do know that Pryor though will have the opportunity now to realize his dream and take his talents to the professional ranks.

Both of these stories highlight that college sports are in a time of major turmoil at the moment.  Scandals are going to continue to arise until Mark Emmert and the NCAA makes some major changes.

And I thought guys like David Stern and Roger Goodell had major issues to deal with. In the meantime, heavy brainstorming should be going on because who knows when the next “Hurricane” will hit college athletics.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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