Is it always about the U?

Photo courtesy of Al Golden (pictured above) sweat a lot last season as the Hurricanes limped their way to a 6 and 6 record. With recent allegations servicing around the program, things may get a whole lot worse.

By Josh Kramer

Is it just me, or is it always about the U?  Sure Ohio State has had their moments over the past couple of years.  North Carolina had the spotlight for a short time as well.  A not so happy, “Happy Valley” has been the center of attention for some time now.  I digress though.

One would think that Al Golden learned from the “hurricane” that struck the U last off-season.  Apparently he didn’t.  I guess without a severe punishment, some will never learn.  Nevin Shapiro may be in prison, but his spirit is still looming large all over South Beach and the Miami Hurricane football program.  One of Shapiro’s good buddies , Mr. Sean “Pee Wee” Allen is a key culprit in the recent allegations.  Nobody is ever as they seem.  Joe Paterno obviously wasn’t the man we all thought he wasJim Tressel wasn’t exactly Mr. Perfect either.  Just add Al Golden to the growing list.   Golden was supposed to come in and clean up the program.  He has done just the opposite.  Go figure.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports might as well attend school at the U or at least live in campus housing.  Robinson is on it and knows anything and everything that goes on with this “once” prestigious program.  Key word, “once.”  Miami has not won a national championship in over a decade now (2001).  In addition, they have not won a conference championship since they were a member of the Big East back in 2003.  They also are coming off of a highly disappointing 6 and 6 season.  Shapiro may have provided the players with “good times.”  But the “good times” have not translated into good performance on the field.

I am interested to see what comes of these newest allegations.  At least these ones seem somewhat tame compared to the pending ones from last summer.  Win or lose there is one thing that always holds true.  It is always about the U.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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