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By Josh Kramer We all have been told since we were little kids that athletes are role models.  They are people who thousands, and even millions of kids (and adults) look up to and try to emulate.  Now this is all good and … Continue reading

Is it a rivalry?

Photo courtesy of cosbysweaters.com. Ryan Clark (pictured above) is already dishing out the trash talk with well over a month before Week 1.

By Josh Kramer

It is only the first week of training camp and already the trash talking is wide-spread throughout the League.  Despite a 132 day lockout, the players are already talking trash in heavy anticipation of Week 1.  In Pittsburgh, outside of James Harrison, Ryan Clark is by far the most outspoken member of the defending AFC Champions.  Ryan Clark, the Steelers hard-hitting safety gave the Ravens some great locker room material today.  Clark said the following:

“People try to make this game between the Ravens and Steelers as so much of a  rivalry, a fight. You can say it’s a rivalry if you like, but I really feel that  for a game to be a rivalry, it doesn’t have to just be physical. I think for  something to be a rivalry, both teams have to win equally. I think just the hate  between the fans doesn’t make the situation a rivalry” (courtesy of aol.sportingnews.com).

The Pittsburgh/Baltimore game set for September 11th is one of the most hotly anticipated Week 1 matchups as we get ready for the NFL fun.  But Clark’s quote, though probably just an attempt to stir the pot, got me thinking.  Is the Steelers/Ravens matchup a real rivalry? Continue reading


ESPN Debut

Photo courtesy of goodlogo.com (and ESPN).

By Josh Kramer

Earlier today I had the pleasure of leading ESPN’s “Tuesdays with Mobile” weekly chat. This was an absolutely awesome experience and something that I will never forget. It was extremely rewarding getting to interact with fans from all across the country and getting to answer their questions directly.

Here is the script from today’s chat which dealt with the NFL and MLB’s biggest winners over the past week.


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