A third week that was a charm

Photo courtesy of cleveland.com. Joe Bauserman (pictured above) and the Ohio State offensive attack proved to be extremely one dimensional yesterday. Can they straighten this issue out in time for a rugged Big Ten conference slate?

By Josh Kramer

All is right in the College Football world.  Notre Dame finally won a game.  On a Week 3 slate full of potential, many of the games failed to live up to the hype, while others exceeded expectations.  We are starting to get an inkling of an idea of who is who in the College Football landscape this year.  And I for one am very excited.  Here are the highlights from the Week 3 games.

Test one has been passed

-America’s preseason number one is still undefeated as we get ready for Week 4.  Many had the September 17th date circled on their calendars as the one where the Sooners would falter and once again prove that Bob Stoops and Co. were overhyped.  Well, they took care of business in a hostile Tallahassee atmosphere and appear to be on their way to a possible National Title Game appearance.  I know that I should slow my horses, but OU plays most of their major Big 12 tests at home, and we all know how the Sooners play at home, considering they are currently on a 37 game win streak at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

-Kenny Stills was a “Fabulous Freshman” last year.  Now he is none other than a “Sensational Sophomore.”  I will admit that I was mildly surprise to see Ryan Broyles have a tame game.  Sure the Sooner number one receiver had seven catches, but he failed to reach the century mark in yardage or punch in a TD.  Stills on the other hand, came up big for Landry Jones and the Oklahoma offense time and time again.  He reeled in seven catches, for 125 yards, and a huge go ahead TD in the 4th.  Do not underestimate the Sooners receiving corpse.  It is definitely not a one man show by any means.  Kenny Stills is definitely “Prime-Time Player” and could make some major noise down the stretch.

The Big East remains an enigma

-After an undefeated Week 1, the conference commonly referred to as the “Big Least” when it comes to College Football discussion laid an egg in Week 2 going just 4 and 4.  Well Week 3 was another unfriendly week for the basketball powerhouse conference in more ways than one.  The day began with two of the most tradition filled schools in the conference jumping ship for the ACC.  Then the fun began with the games.

West Virginia put on a show and handled a tough Maryland team on the road.  So this was a plus.  In addition, both Cincinnati and South Florida manhandled inferior opponents.  Sadly though, Pittsburgh was on the verge of accomplishing a remarkable feat and could not seal the deal.  The Panthers were up by 17 in the 4th quarter on a Iowa Hawkeyes team that had not lost by more than 7 points in 41 consecutive games.  Well now the streak is 42, as the Panther blew a 17 point 4th quarter lead and lost to the Big Ten power, Iowa.  Finally though, Louisville ended the day on a high note, in shocking their arch-rival on the road.  Yes, Louisville, a team who lost to FIU last week defeated a mighty SEC team in the Kentucky Wildcats, ending a four game losing skid to the arch-nemisis.  So it was a 4 and 3 week for the Big East, but sadly they also lost two of its teams, or so it seems.  The Big East continues to baffle my mind.

Three is the lucky number in South Bend

-Brian Kelly and the Fighting Irish finally notched one in the win column.  And you better believe that BK and the crew are relieved.  This team is much more talented than their current 1 and 2 record shows, and could very easily be 3 and 0.  But close only cuts it in horseshoes, so sadly the Fighting Irish have been a disappointment thus far.  How can a team commit 10 turnovers (5 each game) in their first two games and expect to win?

Well yesterday, ND coughed the ball up three times and got the W.  So apparently three is the magic number for the Fighting Irish.  They won for their first time in Week 3 and in the process, only turned the ball over three times.  So BK’s new formula for success.  Turn the ball over three times or less, and his team will have a great chance at winning the game.

Ineligi-Bowl was ugly and hard to watch

-I along with many were very excited to watch arguably the two most controversy filled programs (currently) in College Football go to war down in Miami last evening.  Sadly, the two traditional powers did not come ready to play.  This was ugly football at it’s finest.

158 total passing yards for both teams combined!

No this was not a pee-wee football stat line.  This was Ohio State versus Miami (FL).  Two programs that are consistently ranked year in and year out.  Ohio State’s quarterback tandem threw for an abysmal 35 total yards, including just four before halftime.  Talk about a one-dimenstional offensive attack.  How is this possible?  Miami has a talented club, but no secondary is that good.  In addition, no player on the Ohio State roster had more than one catch in yesterday’s game.  We know what Fickell and the boys need to work on in Columbus this week as they prepare for a showdown with Colorado.

Football has become a pass heavy sport.  Yesterday’s Ohio State/Miami game not only was lacking in attacks through the air, but it was flat-out just ugly football.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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