Daily Archives: November 1, 2009

Edition 48 “The Yankees Wake Up”

Last evening, the Yankees flexed their muscles in a game that had an over 1 hour rain delay.  We all just knew it was a matter of time before the bats woke up.  Most assume that it would happen in the friendly confines in the Bronx, but it happened in the hitter’s ballpark of Philadelphia. 

Now this series is far from over, but if the Yankees hit the ball like they did last night, they will come out victorious over a very strong Phillies team.  Hats off to Andy Pettitte, who not only got his record 17th postseason win, but also had an RBI single.  Who says that American League pitchers can’t hit?

Arod finally woke up with a big 2 run homer of his own, while Ryan Howard continued his momentous struggle.  If Ryan Howard does not get on track, the Phillies have nearly 0 chance at winning the title. 6 homeruns were hit in last night’s game.  Now both of these teams have strong pitching staffs, but everyone was expecting this to be a slugfest and last night did not disappoint.

CC will come in tonight and give the Yankees a 3 to 1 lead in the Series.  Then Cliff Lee will come out for Game 5 and pitch great to make the series 3-2.  And then finally the Yankees will close things out in Game 6 behind most likely Andy Pettitte.  Talk about a storybook ending.

But the Yankees are awake and now we will be able to witness the slugfest that we have all been waiting for.  Though people like watching masterful pitching and defense, fans really like the longball.  Get ready, because the longball is back..

So what are your predictions for the outcome of the World Series?..I am still standing by my original pick of the Yankees in 6..

Stay tuned for Edition 49.