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Edition 58 “We Talkin About Practice”

So Mr. Iverson is in the headlines.  For once not for his uncanny scoring prowess, but for his supposed retirement and discontent of not starting.  Well, Iverson is 34 years old, hampered with hamstring injuries and really not a shell of the player he once was.  But boy was he a ball player.  This guy could do it all at a time.  He gave hope to every little or undersized guy out there with pure heart and effort.  Never backing down to any opponent’s challenge.  The definition of a WARRIOR. I know I was one of the kids who looked up to his playing prowess throughout my childhood.

Standing at a mere 6 foot flat on a good day, 180 pounds, he was a 4 time league scoring champion and an MVP winner in the greatest league in the world.  This kid has been a winner at all levels even winning state titles as a high school football quarterback.  Some say he was a Michael Vick type player before Michael Vick and the scrambling QB phase of football hit.  But I am not merely going to delve into this man’s accomplishments because most people are aware of them.  Lets just take a look at the man’s unbelievable athleticism. 

How many people have ever been able to move like this kid with or without the ball?  How many people have been able to use every ounce of their body 48 minutes a game?  How many guys have been able to consistently score on defenders half a foot taller than him?  How many guys have been able to pull up on a dime and score like this guy?  How many guys have been able to be enshrined in history for one of the greatest quotes ever?

“We’re sitting here and I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we’re talking about practice.”  One of the single greatest quotes in history.  Not just for it’s utter stupidity, but for the ironicness of it all.  We all know that AI worked his tail off his whole career to get to where he was.  So the guy was not much of a role model to children off the court.  He was never thought of as a great teammate.  But AI is a role model for any kid who thinks he is too small to accomplish something. 

Allen Iverson, though never winning an NBA title has always had the heart of a champion.  If this man ever would of had a decent supporting cast, regardless of him being a supposed bad teammate, he could of won a title.  He plays like he is 7 feet tall even though he is only 6 feet tall.  Not to mention he has always demonstrated one of the sickest crossovers of all time.

But now he is making more headlines than the fledgling franchise he is a part of and many think he is being a baby.  Give the man a break.  I realize that this man has never been the kindest to the media or anybody for that matter, but  he has never come off the bench in his life in anything.  Ya, I realize almost everybody has to come off the bench at some point, but not everybody is AI.  The wear and tear of his raw effort all these years has worn on his body.  Allen, please just retire and do not tarnish your legacy as one of the fiercest players of your generation.

Your athletic ability rivals that of Deion Sanders.  Maybe they should have been calling you mini “Primetime” all these years rather than “the Answer.”  Best of luck in dealing with your personal issues but please just retire and don’t turn this into an ugly ending to your career.

You are a first ballot Hall of Famer who supposedly didn’t need practice..for the first time “the Answer” is to not go at the challenge head on, but to walk away..

Stay tuned for Edition 59.


Edition 57 “BCS Junk or Entertainment?”

So once again BCS talk is really heating up as we enter the last few weeks of the season.  There are still 6 undefeated teams left that are all looking strong. So as always there are question marks galore. 

If 3 teams go undefeated who goes to the National Title game?  If 5 teams go undefeated, which one or even two gets left out from a BCS bowl game? The questions could go on for days.  Even when the final regular season game is played, many questions will still remain.

At this point with 6 teams being undefeated, it is possible that 5 of them could potentially end the year undefeated.  Other than Florida and Alabama having to lock horns in the highly touted SEC title game, if these other teams do as they are expected, they all very well could end up undefeated.  This would leave us with 5 undefeated teams!!  So then what happens in this scenario? 

This year in College Football, the SEC is once again widely regarded as the best conference in the country.  The Big 12 is once again “thought of” as being very strong, yet they are not what they were last year.  The Big 10 is looked at as slow, boring, and vastly overrated.  The Big East is looked down upon by many, yet they have 4 teams in the BCS top 25, which is tied for the most out of any conference.  The Big East has 4 of their 8 teams in the top 25 so maybe they deserve a little love?  The ACC is as always not looked too highly upon, yet they have a few solid teams in Georgia Tech,  Miami, and Virginia Tech.  The PAC 10 is looked at as solid and the teams really seem to be beating up on each other as of late.  But really, how do we know which conference is the best conference?

Going into the year there were many predispositions that automatically made people say the SEC was the best conference due to Tim Tebow and the amazing speed of all the teams in the Conference.  And I am not saying that this is not true.  Everyone said the Big East was weak in football and simply a basketball conference, so they had no top 25 teams in the preseason (now they have 4).  The ACC was looked at in a similar regard to the Big East.  The PAC 10 was thought to be strong, with the likes of the Trojans and Ducks, but Oregon went down against Boise State to start the year and all the sudden the perception was that they were not all that great. Ohio State went down to USC early on and all the sudden it was the same old slow and boring Big 10.  The so-called really tough Big 12, which had McCoy and Bradford coming back, was thought to be in competition with the SEC as the best conference, but now has just 2 teams ranked in the top 25.

I mean perception is reality in College Football.  It is so hard to know who is deserving of what.  There is no real way to know until there is a playoff.  But let’s be honest, do people like to argue about this stuff? You better believe it.  Though the BCS is a horrible system and screws teams every year, it really does provide entertainment and keeps people arguing each and every week.  So would College Football want it any other way?

You guys tell me?

Stay tuned for Edition 58.