Daily Archives: November 18, 2009

Edition 65 “Go Home Charlie”

So once again the talk is stirring about the future of Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis.  This seems to have been a reoccurring theme for the past 2 years. To be frankly honest, I wish the discussion would come to an end.  The man is 6 and 4 with a team that has arguably the best offensive talent in the country.

In my opinion, he has the best QB, receiver, and tight end in the country.  Yet he is only 6 and 4 with a pretty powder puff schedule by Notre Dame Irish standards.  Not to mention he lost to Navy this year.  Most people expected this team to win 10 or 11 games and be in the BCS Bowl talk.  Weis overall has done a horrific job and has the same winning percentage as his predecessor Ty Willingham at .583 (Willingham was fired).

Notre Dame has the funding and boosters who care enough to buy this guy out.  So buy him out for the many millions that it will cost and get your big name coach to take his place.  Unfortunately, the big name guy coming in will have to do some massive rebuilding without the services of the “Golden One,” Golden Tate, and arguably the most pro ready QB in college football Jimmy Claussen.  I would be shocked if either of these guys were back next season.

Weis had his strongest years with guys that were left over from the Willingham era.  He has had more than enough time to rebuild this program and has miserably failed.  The great thing for Weis though, by getting fired he will get 9 or 10 million and get to eat all the cheeseburgers his heart desires.

Best of luck to Charlie and I hope to see the Notre Dame program get back on track with its storied past.  Please do not eat too much while on your leave and clog your arteries Charlie..

I guess not all of Belichick’s former employees are winners..

Stay tuned for Edition 66.