Daily Archives: November 19, 2009

Edition 66 “Is Technology Always a Good Thing”

Last evening France eliminated Ireland from World Cup qualifying on an extremely controversial play by their star Thierry Henry.  Henry stopped the ball with his hand in the box, not once, but two times, then passed it to his teammate for the equalizer in extra time.

So Henry admits to the handball.  Anybody who has seen the replay can see how blatant it was.  Now I am not going to point the figure at Henry.  He looked to make a desperation play for his team and was lucky this time to get away with a handball.  But lately, it seems that the refs have been missing calls all over the place.

The baseball playoffs really highlighted some horrible officiating all the way through.  Not to mention SEC officials in College Football have gotten reamed by coaches every week this year.  So has officiating gotten worse?  Or is it the technology that has made us realize just how many wrong or controversial calls officials make in every sporting event?

In my opinion, it is the technology.  I do not see how the officiating in pro and college sports could have just gotten worse. These refs all go through the same training as the officials of the past.  Generally, these trainings are more strenuous and in-depth than the ones used in past years, as they continue to pick up best practices every year to improve their training methodologies. The use of the replay, and all the angles cameras can take on plays has really highlighted mishaps by officials over the past couple of years. 

So my question for you all today is a two parter.  Is the amazing technology a good thing for sports and should a replay rule be added in all sports at the college and pro levels (we will save high school for a later day)?

Stay tuned for Edition 67.