Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

Edition 49 “Gator Joke”

Brandon Spikes suspended for the first half of the Gators upcoming joke of a game against Vanderbilt..are you kidding me!!

I cannot believe the SEC approved of this suspension, nor am I happy with Urban Meyer.  Meyer always stresses the student athlete aspect of his program.  How he not only wants to win National Titles, but how he wants his players to come out being good people.  Well Urban, you really dropped the ball on this one.  Watching the replay of Spikes trying to gauge the eye of Georgia running back Washaun Ealey makes me nauseous every time. 

Each time you see the replay, you realize how blatant this act was.  Spikes you are a big man trying to sneak some extra love at the bottom of the pile right?  I hope somebody does the same to you the next time at the bottom of the pile.  But the only difference is, I hope they actually blind ya!

I mean this is such an utter joke.  Oregon running back, Legarrette Blount, was suspended for the entire season for punching a guy in the jaw.  Now I realize that suspension has since been shortened but he has missed over 2 months worth of play for punching a guy.  Sure punching a guy is wrong.  But trying to blind a guy is much worse.  Not only did Spikes try to blind the Georgia running back, he was sneaky with it and tried to hide it as if he did not do anything.

Urban, please man up and suspend Spikes for the duration of the season.  Your team still has the inside track to win a National Title.  But what type of message are you sending to your players and the state of Florida when your best defensive player pulls a stunt like this and you sit him for one half against a team that you will easily beat by over 30 points?

Live up to  your so called “classy” name and suspend him for the duration of the season.  You know what, better yet, why doesn’t the saint himself Tim Tebow step up and say something.  Tebow knows right and wrong and he knows how wrong this whole situation is.

So I am waiting for Tebow, the guy with the real class on that roster to speak up..

So my question for you all today is how long do you think the suspension should be and do you think this lame punishment fits the crime?

Stay tuned for Edition 50.