Daily Archives: November 20, 2009

Edition 67 “Return of the Gasol”

All I have to say is..Western Conference beware.  The “Gasol” has returned.  If anyone got to tune in last night, the Lakers are that much better with Pau Gasol.  Yes, Kobe Bryant is their star and what makes the engine go, but Gasol is like having another pilot on the Lake Show, hovering in the post.

Gasol amazes me more and more each time I watch him with his amazing skill.  The man, has such soft hands, and such a soft touch.  He can score in every way.  Yet many label him as soft.  He did not look too soft in the playoffs last year down the stretch as he really dominated the Magic’s Dwight Howard.  Not to mention this man has definitely gained some extra toughness in guest appearing on one of television’s best shows, CSI: Miami.  Maybe the show and working with the police have made him that much tougher.

But if the Lakers remain healthy, do not be surprised if this team really starts to dominate and march towards winning 66 to 68 games.  This is a team that has arguably the League’s best coach, best player, and most skilled post player.  Beware, because the Gasol has returned in a big way.

Stay tuned for Edition 68 knuckleheads.