Food for Thought 10-25-2011

Photo courtesy of Tim Tebow (pictured above) was the marquee storyline of Week 7 in the NFL.

By Josh Kramer

We are in the midst of arguably the best time of the year in the sporting world (along with March Madness).  Football is at full tilt at both the collegiate and the professional ranks. The NHL is back in action.  Plus we are coming up on the home stretch of the Fall Classic.  There is not enough time in a day to keep up with everything.

Here are the main items that have caught my attention.

Tebow Time

-It was not pretty by any means.  It definitely was not conventional.  But it was typical Tim Tebow.  Doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  And on Sunday, Tebow, despite playing awful for the first three quarters and really the first 57 minutes, willed the Broncos to their second victory of the season.

-Is the guy a winner?  Yes.  Is he a mainstay starter in this League?  Unfortunately, I still do not see it despite the victory on Sunday.  The guy can make plays and has some serious heart.  But can he consistently lead an NFL team to victories against quality competition?  That really remains to be seen.  Many are forgetting who Tim Tebow was going up against yesterday.  There are three teams that are still “defeated” this year.  Miami happens to be one of them.

-There is one eye-popping statistic though that must be stated in regards to the “Tebow Mania” whether you like the guy or not.  In 231 career starts, the legendary John Elway overcame a 4th quarter deficit of 14 points or more just two times.  Tim Tebow has accomplished this feat two times in just four career starts.  Denver takes on the Lions next week in Denver.  Lets see how the former “Gator God” responds against a solid team.  I have a feeling Suh and the rest of the Lions D are very excited to take on the unconventional Tebow.

Quarterback Throwdown

-Many College Football nuts are anxiously awaiting the “Game of the Year,” set to take place in Tuscaloosa on November 5th.  In the meantime, there is one matchup next week that really has my attention.  The Stanford Cardinal will head to the Coliseum to take on the upstart USC Trojans.  And though I feel Stanford is the superior team, I am very exited to see which quarterback can put on the bigger show.  Are you feeling “Lucky” or “Barkley?”

-These two guys are arguably the two most pro-ready quarterbacks in all of the land.  I realize that guys such as Landry Jones, Russell Wilson, Kellen Moore, and Robert Griffin III are having outstanding seasons, but these two guys (Luck and Barkley) strike me as the best NFL prospects.  Each guy has all of the intangibles.  They both have a plethora of experience.  And both have solid teams around them.  Here is a look at the tail of the tape.

-Luck is slightly taller than the Trojan star, standing 6 foot 4 (Barkley is 6 foot 2).  On the year, Luck has been slightly more efficient, completing nearly 72% of his passes, while Barkley has completed a very respectable 68%.  In terms of TDs and INTs, the Pac-12 stars are nearly even.  Luck has thrown 20 TDs and just 3 INTs.  Barkley has tossed 19 TDs and just 4 INTs.  This game will be a huge one.  I definitely give Luck and the Cardinal the edge.  Though I do believe that Barkley is the second best NFL QB prospect in the country,  Luck is no “fluke.”  The guy is the most pro ready QB since Peyton Manning  once roamed Rocky Top.  On the other hand, there is a guy named Robert Woods, who Barkley is tossing the pigskin too, that appears to be one of the most pro-ready wide receivers in recent memory.

More improbable upset?

-Saturday featured two major surprises in terms of shaking up the BCS.  If you were not living under a rock this past weekend, you are probably aware that two of the nation’s top ranked teams, Wisconsin and Oklahoma, left the exclusive club of undefeated teams.  Now which game was more of a shocker?

-Wisconsin took on a solid Michigan State team in East Lansing.  And despite quite possibly the worst second quarter I have ever had the pleasure to witness, found themselves in position to at least send the game to OT late in the 4th.  Then a pass, that surely will be played on highlight reels not only in Spartyville, but all over the country for years to come happened. Kirk Cousins connected with Keith Nichol on a Hail Mary to win the game as time expired.  This ending was seriously like one of the endings that occur on a game of Madden.  Successful Hail Mary’s to win a game are not a frequent occurrence.

-In Norman, the Sooners hosted what appeared to be a vastly overmatched Red Raiders team at Owen Field.  Not only did it appear that Tech could not match up with the very talented Sooners on paper, but this game was being played in a Norman.  A place where the Sooners had not lost since TCU shocked the Sooners back in the 2005 season opener (39 straight home wins)  In addition, outside of Missouri last month, no road team had led a game in Norman in 20 games (since 2007).

-Though the ending was amazing in East Lansing, I do not think the upset nearly compares in magnitude to what happened in Norman.  Save the rubbish about Stoops being a choke artist.  Nobody saw this upset coming.  Granted, not many saw Russell Wilson and the seemingly invincible Badgers losing to the Spartans.  The Badgers were on the road.  OU was at home.  Lastly, would you really pick Texas Tech to beat MSU?  Think about it.

Just some “Food for Thought.”

Let me hear your thoughts though.  Please comment below with any questions or insights that you may have or shoot me an email at

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