Throwback Saturday Part I

Photo courtesy of Even two years ago to the day, I was already jumping on the Harrison Barnes (pictured above) bandwagon.

By Josh Kramer

Many say, “You have to know the past to understand the present.”  Due to popular demand and in celebration of “TheSportsKraze” reaching over 800 posts, I am going to spend the next few Saturdays of each week looking back.  I will examine what I was discussing on the blog on this date one year ago, and two years ago.  Today happens to be that lucky day of that week.  Welcome to the first edition of “Throwback Saturday.”

Two years ago…

A Changing of the Guard

Here is a little snippet. 

In very peculiar fashion, both UNC and the Dukies took a loss in conference play on the same night.  Not to mention they both lost to unranked opponents!  Is there a changing of the guard occurring in the ACC?…

In my opinion, this is simply just a down year for both squads.  North Carolina has the top recruit in the country in Harrison Barnes coming next year and Duke has an outstanding recruiting class arriving as well.  Who are the coaches of these highly renowned programs?  Oh yeah, I forgot Coach K and Roy Williams.  Both have multiple National Titles and are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Duke still has a legitimate shot to do some damage this year though being led by Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer (To finish reading the post, click this link).

Present Thoughts:

Boy was I wrong.  This is quite embarrassing in all honesty.  I really should have known better, considering Duke ending up bringing home the National Championship in thrilling fashion over the real life version of the movie “Hoosiers,” Butler.  To my defense though, I did say “Duke still has a legitimate shot to do some damage this year being led by Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer.”  In addition, even two years ago, I was discussing the arrival of stud sophomore Harrison Barnes.  And as we are all well aware, this kid can play like the best player in America on any given night (anybody else enjoy the 2nd half of the Virginia Tech game Thursday night?).  If and when Barnes develops consistency, things could get scary in Chapel Hill.

One year ago…

Has Down Under Lost It’s Thunder

Here is a little snippet.

For those of you who did not know, professional tennis has its first Grand Slam Tournament of the year going on.  The tournament has been going on since Monday.  Hard to believe I know.  Sure there has been some solid coverage by ESPN.  But I feel like this has been the quietest Aussie Open in recent memory.  The major upsets have been lacking.  The drama has not been there.  And people’s interest has not been there.

Sure Roger Federer was pushed to five sets.  Sure there have been some minor upsets.  But nobody has seemed to really show major interest.  The tournament has been overshadowed by coverage of the NFL Playoffs, the pinball game that is the College Football Coaching stratosphere, College Basketball Madness, MLB Free Agency, and the NBA.  People need to wake up and venture down under.  Nadal is going for his 4th consecutive Major Title for crying out loud.

Now we are at Round 3.  This is where the men get separated from the boys.  This is where the classic five setters begin to creep into the picture.  Fatigue starts to plague players.  In all honesty, this is where Nadal and Federer begin to exude their dominance.

We are so fortunate to have had the pleasure of watching Roger Federer all these years (To finish reading the post, click this link).

Present Thoughts:

Well, I guess I was wrong again.  Neither Nadal or Federer ended up winning the tournament. In a way, this tournament was the beginning of the end to the two-man ATP tour days (Federer/Nadal days).  Novak Djokovic not only won the tournament, but he began his amazing run to the top of the tennis world starting out the year on a 43 match win streak.

To my defense though, I was right in a way.  People should have been taking it all in.  The Federer and Nadal era was not going to last forever (and it hasn’t).  I was also right in that the tournament was a very quite one that drifted into the night.  This year had the makings of a great one, but sadly for the first time in Australian Open history (in the Open era), no American men advanced to the Round of 16.  At least the host country has players to cheer for right?

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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