“Has Down Under Lost It’s Thunder?”

Rafael Nadal is poised to win his 4th consecutive Grand Slam Tourney Down Under. The real question is will anybody notice?

For those of you who did not know, professional tennis has its first Grand Slam Tournament of the year going on.  The tournament has been going on since Monday.  Hard to believe I know.  Sure there has been some solid coverage by ESPN.  But I feel like this has been the quietest Aussie Open in recent memory.  The major upsets have been lacking.  The drama has not been there.  And people’s interest has not been there.

Sure Roger Federer was pushed to five sets.  Sure there have been some minor upsets.  But nobody has seemed to really show major interest.  The tournament has been overshadowed by coverage of the NFL Playoffs, the pinball game that is the College Football Coaching stratosphere, College Basketball Madness, MLB Free Agency, and the NBA.  People need to wake up and venture down under.  Nadal is going for his 4th consecutive Major Title for crying out loud.

Now we are at Round 3.  This is where the men get separated from the boys.  This is where the classic 5 setters begin to creep into the picture.  Fatigue starts to plague players.  In all honesty, this is where Nadal and Federer begin to exude their dominance.

We are so fortunate to have had the pleasure of watching Roger Federer all these years.  Most generations are not fortunate enough to get to watch a guy like Federer play.  But we not only have been blessed to have Federer, but perhaps a guy that is just as good or better than Fed.  Rafael Nadal is truly a phenomenon.  Now I will admit that I was a Sampras guy, and then a Federer guy.  But Nadal’s consistent play and amazing effort at every tournament has more than swayed my opinion on the grinder from Majorca.

The 24-year-old Spaniard has already captured 9 Grand Slam titles, a Gold Medal, and 43 career titles.  The real scary thing about all of this is that he is ahead of the blistering pace set by Federer for career Grand Slam titles.  2 years ago, most experts were proclaiming Roger as perhaps the greatest player of all time.  Nadal not only has a chance to win more Grand Slams than Roger, but he has the opportunity to do it while Federer is still around.  Scary I know.  I mean Rafa does sport a 14 and 8 overall record against the man who many consider to be “the greatest of all time.”

So tune in to the Australian Open and watch some matches.  We are so lucky to be blessed with not just 1 phenomenal player, but 2.  Not to mention the overall depth of the tour is far better than it has ever been.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie?

I got Nadal winning the tournament.  Who you got?

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


10 responses to ““Has Down Under Lost It’s Thunder?”

  1. Wesley Kaminsky

    I’m a Federer fan, really hoping he wins this one. Nadal looks unstoppable though, now that his serve in down.

    • Wesley,
      Nadal continues to add a new facet to his game every day. It is what the great ones do in any sport. This year he has really amped up his serve. I am curious to see what he adds next to his already stellar repertoire.


  2. “The major upsets have been lacking. The drama has not been there. And people’s interest has not been there.”

    Is it possible that interest in tennis has waned in this country? I seem to remember tennis generating a lot more interest, but that was also when it had a lot more “John McEnroe” types. Thoughts?

    • JW,
      I completely agree with you on this. With Andy Roddick being the top ranked American player at 8th, and no American male winning a Grand Slam since 03 (Roddick US Open), the interest is waning. We were spoiled by the Sampras and Agassi days. The McEnroe and Connors days. I mean we still have the Williams’ sisters on the women’s side, but neither are relevant in this tournament.

      That is a great point. People do like the eccentric loud type of players. But the ones who win with a high frequency. We do not currently have any American Men that win with a high enough frequency at this time.


  3. Good to see tennis get some love!

  4. Good to see tennis get some love!

    • JayAllDay,
      The love has been lacking for tennis as of late. We need an American player to rise up into the top 3 in the world to help ignite some major interest again.

      We need another great champion. Sadly I do not see it happening any time soon.


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