Food for Thought 8-28-2012

Photo courtesy of Russell Wilson (pictured above) has shocked the world and been named the starting quarterback in Seattle.

By Josh Kramer

When Pete Carroll left USC, I lost almost all respect for the guy.  The situation he left behind was inexcusable and a definite admission of some sort of guilt.  That’s all in the past though.  Slowly but surely, my respect has returned for the coach that picked up a pair of national titles at USC and is currently running the show in Seattle.

At USC, it seemed as if everything was about the money.  Just ask Reggie Bush.  Since arriving in Seattle, it appears Carroll has had a change of heart.  On Sunday, he named a rookie third-round draft pick the starter at quarterback for Week 1 of the regular season.  As much as I try to ignore it, sports are a business.  Even collegiate ones unfortunately.  Money is what makes the world go round.  Not in Seattle’s quarterback case though.

Matt Flynn recently signed a three-year, $26 million deal, with $10 million guaranteed.  Everyone and their mother expected Flynn to be the starter.  Wilson, a supposedly undersized rookie quarterback is guaranteed just $619,400.  In simple terms, Flynn is guaranteed to make over 16 times the money that Wilson is guaranteed with their current contracts.  Yet, Wilson is the starting quarterback.

Simply based on merit, Wilson has outplayed his higher-paid counterpart, and is therefore deserving of the starting job.  Kudos to Pete Carroll on not being blinded by or influenced by dollar bills this time around.  The perception was that Flynn would be the Seahawks starter up until recently.  Carroll did not let the perception become a reality.  He evaluated the two players competing for the spot strictly on merit and performance.  Russell Wilson appears to have a very bright future ahead.  I do not envision Carroll regretting this decision to start the “undersized” rookie quarterback.  Talk about value in a third-round pick.  I guess height, money, and the perception of the public aren’t everything when it comes to quarterback play.

Quick Thoughts:

TO Show is no more?

Sixteen years after debuting in San Francisco, the “TO Show” appears to have finally been canceled once and for all.  I commend Owens for giving it an honest shot in Seattle.  Despite his phenomenal numbers and abilities, the baggage and age are just too much at this point.  Six teams and no rings.

Big Papi’s big year comes to an end?

After a one game tease, it appears Big Papi’s outstanding 2012 season may be over.  It has been a very odd year in Beantown.  Papi came to play though until injuries took it away.  It will not be a pleasant off-season in baseball-crazed Boston.  I thought the way 2011 ended was bad for Red Sox fans.  At least last year, they were in contention until the final day of the regular season, choke job aside.  Ownership will have a lot more late nights than is typically the case as they try to right the ship for 2013.  A fourth-straight playoff-less season in 2013 would be a death wish.  At least they were able to dump a quarter-billion dollars worth of salary in the craziest deal I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Vince Young downfall continues

Who else remembers what happened the night of January 4, 2006?  For those who need a refresher, Vince Young ripped the hearts out of Trojanville and stole a national championship from the mighty USC Trojans at the Rose Bowl in arguably the greatest performance ever in a collegiate football game.  After that night, the majority of America expected both Matt Leinart and Vince Young to be stars in the professional ranks for a long time.  It didn’t happen.  Leinart currently is back to being Carson Palmer’s backup like the year is 2002 again.  Vince Young just got cut by the Buffalo Bills.  The saga continues.

Just some “Food for Thought.”

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