Twitter 101 course needed

Photo courtesy of After Chris Johnson (pictured above) went on a temper tantrum via Twitter, Tennessee showed him the big bucks.

By Josh Kramer

Chris Johnson has been begging Tennessee to show him the money for some time now.  And finally, they have caved. Tennessee decided to open up their checkbook in a big way and show Chris Johnson the money.  It seems like any time push comes to shove in the NFL, a deal gets done (except in Cincinnati).  Last year, Darrelle Revis was still unsigned until the final week before the season.  This off-season, a new CBA was agreed upon just in the nick of time ensuring that a full preseason (outside of the Hall of Fame Game) would be played.

The NFL minus CJ would not be as entertaining. Sure the League would still be fun to watch every Sunday, but the former East Carolina Pirate is one of those guys who provides lightning in a bottle every Sunday. Johnson has led the NFL in combined rushing yards the past three years.  These three years also happen to be his only three years in the League thus far.  There were no rookie year jitters for the 24th overall pick in the 2008 draft.  The 5 foot 11 back instantly was a Pro Bowl caliber player, rushing for over 1,200 yards in his rookie campaign.

Recently, before this huge 53 million dollar deal (details of the deal are not important) came to be, Johnson was  making headlines for some not so friendly comments via Twitter.  Johnson said the following:

“Can these fake Titan fans be quiet (expletive) on my timeline I don’t have a regular job so don’t compare me to you and I can care less if uthink I’m greedy.”
This statement went out to nearly 500,000 followers.  What type of lesson does this show to kids who worship Chris Johnson?  If you cry and go on an immature temper tantrum, you will get your way?

In addition, another Pro Bowl running back, Arian Foster, also made headlines recently for his Twitter ineptitude.  Many athletes, especially the younger stars, are really struggling with the Twitter world.  How should they use it?  What can they say?  What can’t they say?   Unfortunately, nobody has definitive answers.

The Twitter Monster has become a whole new beast.  Some athletes are thriving via their “Tweets” while others are struggling with the reality and seriousness of their “Tweets.”  Though Chad Ochocinco is widely known as one of the most immature players in the NFL, the man knows how to use Twitter to his advantage.  Twitter has grown Ochocinco’s star power exponentially.  Possibly he should teach a Twitter 101 course at next year’s Rookie Symposium?

Guys are struggling to grasp the Twitter concept.  Especially the running backs it seems.  Rashard Mendenhall, Arian Foster, and Chris Johnson.  Who will be next to sputter in the Twittersphere?

Hopefully not your favorite teams star player.

Could Twitter 101 get added to the curriculum for all college athletes?

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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