Mediocre first Saturday

Photo courtesy of Notre Dame Head Football Coach Brian Kelly (pictured above) got extra heated on an extremely hot first Saturday of the College Football season.

By Josh Kramer

The first Saturday of the long-awaited College Football season has come and gone.  Everyone is extremely excited to have College Football back in action.  And sure the TCU/Baylor game on Friday night was one for the ages that nobody will forget anytime soon.  But the first Saturday, you could not buy an upset outside of South Bend.

Some of the beatings were just brutal.  Even Appalachian State failed to provide any 2007 magic to the table, suffering an awful whooping at the hands of Frank Beamer’s Hokies.  Here are my main thoughts on what turned out to be a very mediocre first Saturday of what I still expect to be a highly entertaining College Football season.

-First of all, I realize it was Week 1, and with Week 1, comes an obnoxious amount of lopsided FBS/FCS matchups.  And we all know what that means.  Games that are won by very large margins (a ton of blowouts).

-The highly anticipated Oregon/LSU game was way overhyped, as were the Ducks.  This Week 1 matchup was highly anticipated for obvious reasons due to the participants both being ranked in the top 5.  Despite missing some key cogs, the Tigers really laid a smack down on the reigning National Runner Ups.  And on this night, Oregon appeared to be nowhere near the team that almost knocked off Auburn in January.  Is Stanford now the favorite in the Pac 12?

-The majority of the big stars came to play.  Andrew Luck appeared to be in Heisman front-runner form.  Alshon Jeffery and Marcus Lattimore played like two of the elite players in the nation in leading South Carolina to a dominant performance.  Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles appear to still be the most lethal combo in the country.  And Justin Blackmon appears more than ready to live up to the hype.

-Auburn is not nearly the team of a year ago.  Gene Chizik definitely would love to have another Cam Newton year.  So what if there was much off-field nonsense to deal with.  Last year’s Heisman Trophy winner was amazing from start to finish last year.  If yesterday was any indication, it may be a very long year in “War Eagle” nation.  Because I hate to say it, Utah State is no SEC caliber team.  Auburn should have lost today.

-Maybe the Big East should no longer be called the “Big Least” in regards to football.  Week 1 was an extremely successful one for the Big East, and South Florida upsetting Brian Kelly in South Bend was the icing on the cake.  I know it is still very early, but the Big East currently is 8 and 0 on the year, and should be 9 and 0 by the end of the day after West Virginia brings the pain to crosstown rival Marshall.

-In many places, especially in the Midwest, yesterday was not football weather by any means.  The heat in some places was almost unbearable.  I think the best demonstration of just how hot it was yesterday was the redness of Brian Kelly’s face (some of the red was from anger, but most of it was from the heat).

-There are lots of reasons to be extremely excited, despite a heavy dose of blowouts on the first Saturday of the season.

Get excited all.  Despite a huge number of blowouts in Week 1, the upcoming season still looks very promising.  Yesterday was mediocre.  The year as a whole should meet all expectations and more from an entertainment standpoint.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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