Ochocinco is already making friends

Photo courtesy of bet.com. Chad Ochocinco (right) is already making friends with the New England fans. Will his off-field antics be well received by his teammates such as Tom Brady (left)?

By Josh Kramer

It has been a great off-season for the always dangerous New England Patriots to say the least.  They have improved their roster in a variety of ways and look poised to make a long-awaited (in New England years) return to the Super Bowl. One of their prized acquisitions is already making noise.  Whether it is positive or negative remains to be seen.

Chad Ochocinco is at it again.  He has decided that he is going to live with a fan for at least the first two or three weeks of the season. The only prerequisite Chad has set is that the fan has internet and an Xbox.  Simple request for sure.  But without question a unique way to start out with a new team.  Normally in the Bill Belichick Patriot system, it is a do it my way or hit the highway mentality.  In other words, you play by the Belichick rules or you lose.  Chad has been saying he is going to do it the Patriot way.  And has said that all they do in the city of Boston is win.

Well first of all he is not doing it the Patriot way by deciding to live with a fan.  It may boost his popularity with fans, but it is by no means the Patriot way.  The Patriot way has never been about individual popularity.  During Belichick’s highly successful tenure, which has featured 8 playoff appearances and 3 Super Bowls, it has never been solely about one guy (Tom Brady is the star, but not the only guy). Secondly, Ochocinco has still never won a playoff game.  He will have the opportunity to win in New England, but by no means has he ever proven to be a winner.  Ochocinco currently has the 3rd most receiving yards ever for a player with 0 career playoff wins.  Belichick sports a 14 and 5 playoff record in his time on the New England sidelines.

So Chad Ochocinco is already making friends and becoming a household name in New England.  But is he making friends with Coach Belichick and his Patriot teammates with his non-traditional off-field actions?

Time will tell.

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6 responses to “Ochocinco is already making friends

  1. Gooch from The Bronx

    Chad will have to produce in New England. Belichick runs a no nonsense team who is only focused on winning. Chad will either fit in and produce, or he will be gone.

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