“Are You Feeling Lucky Today?”

Travis Wood is still in search of his first Major League victory even though he has put up 4 solid starts in 4 appearances.

What a beautiful weekend of baseball all around the MLB.  It was nice for everything to get back to normal following the All Star Break.  And for Cincinnati, this was a big weekend full of extracurricular activities honoring the 1990 World Series Championship team.  During the course of the 3 game set with the Rockies, there was an MC Hammer performance, a fireworks show, Chris Sabo getting inducted into the Red’s Hall of Fame, and of course some quality baseball.  This was a well-played 3 game set between two of the best teams in the National League.  The Reds continue to show that they have a strong pitching staff this year.  And also the Reds got to flex the muscles through their “big midseason pickup,” with the return of ace, Edinson Volquez. 

But today I want to talk about today’s game.  One of the age-old questions that applies to both sports and pretty much any life scenario is “Do you feel lucky today?”  And if you asked this question to Red’s rookie pitcher Travis Wood, he would have to give you a definitive “NO!” 

Now obviously Wood is very excited to be up with the big team.  He is really trying to cherish this momentous time in the early part of his career. And why not, the kid is just 23 year’s old and getting his first taste of the Big Show.  Not to mention he is getting to play on a team that is currently leading their division.  Really what could be better?

How about some run support for this kid for crying out loud!  The Reds currently lead the NL in batting average, hits, and RBIs.  Also they are 2nd in the NL homeruns.  Well when this kid is on the mound, the lineup generally forgets that offense is part of this game.  Wood has made 4 starts since he came up to the Major Leagues.  He has logged in 26.2 innings, or an average of a little over 6 and a half a game.  The rookie has also only given up 12 hits, and has an astounding ERA of 2.03.  Want to know what his record is?

Try 0 and 1.  He has no career wins, yet he has put 4 solid outings.  I mean how many guys can throw 9 shutout innings of one hit ball against the 2 time defending NL champion Phillies, in Philadelphia against the former Cy Young Award  winner Roy Halladay, and get a no decision?  Try Travis Wood.

Now it was still a great weekend to be a Reds fan.  The Cincinnati boys took 2 out of 3 against a tough Rockie’s team as they head into a 4 game tango with former Red’s GM Jim Bowden, and the Washington Nationals.  And seeing guys like Chris Sabo, Barry Larkin, and others from that Wire to Wire 1990 Championship team is always a great site, but I feel for Travis Wood.

Travis Wood does not feel lucky today nor should he.

If I were Travis Wood I would not go purchase a lottery ticket today.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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