“Friday Night Lights”

Friday Night Lights are back baby.  And I am not talking High School Football or referring to the hit television series.  What a night we have in store.  A trifecta of huge games with major playoff implications.

Lets take a look at tonight’s NBA version of “Friday Night Lights.”

Many are accusing Heat star Chris Bosh of crying during his post game press conference last night. Either way, last evening's heartbreaker was a wake up call for the star studded Heat. Expect an inspired performance from Miami tonight.

Game 1:  Chicago Bulls at Orlando Magic

The teams that possess the 3rd and 4th best records in the East duel it out in Disney World.  Bulls vs Magics.  It is not the mid 90s anymore.  There is no MJ or Pippen.  No O’Neal or Hardaway.  But these teams are the real deal.  Both are starting to roll and are developing a routine with a steady starting lineup.  The Bulls are finally healthy and the Magic look to be done with making trades/acquisitions this year.  Both of these squads rebound and play defense.  The effort level will not be lacking in this one by any means.  In a 7 game series at this time, I would take Chicago.  But this game is in Orlando.  The Magic are 24 and 9 on the year at home.  They are riding high after an amazing comeback victory versus the Heat last night.  The Bulls on the other hand are 15 and 14 overall on the road this season.  I will take my chances on the home squad in this one.  Magic win and gain a game on the Bulls.

Game 2: Oklahoma City Thunder at Atlanta Hawks

Neither of these very young and talented teams have been hot lately.  They are both playing mediocre at best.  If they want to take a step into that upper tier, they must really turn up the intensity down the stretch.  Durant is a game time decision.  The Thunder are not the best road team in basketball.  Expect the Hawks to take care of business against an undermanned Thunder squad.

Game 3:  Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs

Miami is coming off of a heartbreaking loss against the Magic.  This loss is not far removed from a horrible loss against the Knicks on Sunday.  Chris Bosh even teared up a little bit during his post game press conference.  Was last night finally the wake up call that Miami needed to start playing to their potential?  I am thinking so.  The Spurs hold the best record in the NBA.  But  San Antonio will now face a determined and angry Lebron James and Dwyane Wade.  I would rather stand on the train tracks with a freight train coming through then play this tandem when angry.  Sorry San Antonio.  Miami begins their upward journey back into their fan’s good graces tonight with a huge win on the road.  Miami by 1 in a thriller.  Finally the Heat will prove that they can not only beat an elite team, but win a close game.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.



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