“No Chance at Perfection”

The San Diego State Aztecs are currently 1 of 4 unbeaten teams in the nation. Can their star, Kawhi Leonard (pictured above), help the Aztecs run the table and secure a National Championship?

Somehow last evening, a mediocre Florida State Seminoles squad pulled off the unthinkable and defeated the number 1 ranked Duke Blue Devils.  They also accomplished this same feat in both 2002 and 2006.   I guess Duke was too reliant on the 3 Ball last evening heaving up 35 3-Point attempts?  I still do not get how they lost to a team that lost to Auburn. With Duke going down last night, does any team have a prayer at running the table?

Well there are currently 4 choices.

A. Ohio State

B. Kansas

C. Syracuse

D. San Diego State

Lets take a closer look at each of our 4 choices.

Ohio State

Thad Matta currently has his Buckeye squad living up to the hype.  They are 17 and 0.  They execute on the offensive end with great precision and efficiency.  And they are just all around a great team.  Sadly for this team, that could easily be dancing their way to the Final Four, they play in the Big Ten.  Though this Conference may be a notch below the Big East, it is still very good.  8 of their 14 remaining games are against teams currently ranked in the top 25.  Good luck running the table.  But I will give this team my nod as the favorite to bring home the National Championship at this point.


I will admit that this team is much better than many thought they would be.  I mean they are Kansas, and Bill Self is the Coach.  Guy flat-out wins wherever he coaches.  And with the addition of Josh Selby in mid December, this team got a whole lot better.  Sadly for them, they still have 6 more games against ranked foes and have to travel to hostile environments such as Kansas State and Missouri.  If last year’s Kansas squad could not even make it out of the 2nd round (thanks Northern Iowa), this team has no prayer at rolling to an undefeated National Championship.


Jim Boeheim once again has his squad vastly exceeding expectations.  The vaunted 2/3 zone is still working for the Orangemen as they currently sit at 17 and 0.  I will state this.  Syracuse is without question an elite team.  But they play in the Big East.  I think you have a better shot at going out and winning the lottery tomorrow than a team in the Big East has at going undefeated.  The conference is unbelievable from top to bottom.  There are 8 ranked teams, including 5 in the top 10.  Every game is a dog fight even if one team is far superior to another. Cuse has 7 games remaining against ranked foes, including 4 versus teams currently ranked in the top 10.  They also have a big time date in Philly against Nova on February 21st.  Villanova has won 46 consecutive games at home for a reason.  I would guess that Syracuse will have lost by February 21st, but if they haven’t, they will lose against Nova on that day.

San Diego State

This is probably the team that has the best shot at going undefeated through the regular season.  They only have to play one more ranked foe all year.  Granted they have to play this tough BYU team two times that features the nation’s leading scorer, Jimmer Fredette.  In the words of Dick Vitale Fredette is, “Totally Awesome, with a Capital A!”  But the Aztecs are  the team with the best shot.  They actually are a very good team if you get a chance to tune in to one of their games.  But I would give them 0 chance at bringing home the National Title.  Therefore they have 0 chance in my eyes of running the table to an NCAA Championship.

So if I had to choose, I would pick E, “None of the Above.”  There is a reason why no team in Men’s Division 1 Collegiate Basketball has run the table since the 1976 Hoosiers.  There are just way too many good teams.  There is way too much parity.  And would you really want it any other way?

Let me hear your thoughts.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.



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