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“The Entourage Effect”

Lebron pictured with his "Entourage," Maverick Carter, Randy Mims, Richard Paul, along with President Obama.

 The age-old saying goes, “Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer.”  Well that saying does not apply to this situation, but it is a pretty neat saying.  Since Lebron’s blockbuster signing with the Heat, every major publication has produced their view on how the whole “Decision” went down.  It has made for a very intriguing story and really should be turned into an ESPN “Outside the Line’s Special” and maybe even a movie depending on what transpires over the next couple of years. 

From my view, Lebron James has undergone what I like to call “The Entourage Effect.”  Yes I just made up a term relating to my favorite television show, the HBO hit series “Entourage.”  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the television series, the protagonist is an up and coming actor by the name of Vincent Chase (loosely based on Mark Wahlberg).  Vince is surrounded by his 3 best buddies at all times.  His “Entourage” consists of his driver Turtle.  His cook and half-brother, Johnny Drama, and his manager and best friend Eric (E).  The biggest mistake Vince ever made was hire E as his manager. E is his best friend and will always try to do what is best for Vince.  But the problem is, that during the early seasons of the show, E had no professional experience and just managed Vince with his gut.  As the years have gone on, E has become better and much more familiar with the business, but still had a good few blunders in the early years which really hurt Vince’s image.  The only smart decision Vince ever made in his early years was to hire, super agent, Ari Gold. 

Lebron James has let childhood buddies such as Maverick Carter, Randy Mims, and Richard Paul tarnish his legacy.  It is fine to set up your buddies nice and keep them around, but you must make sure the professional help (Ari Gold’s of the world) is there when you need it.  Maverick apparently was the brain trust behind the idea of the “Decision” hour-long special.  Talk about a blunder!  Lebron now has haters all over the country thanks solely into how this entire summer was handled but especially for the hour-long television special.  This blunder was reminiscent of the “Medellin” blunder on “Entourage.” 

Vince on the show “Entourage” has had many maturity issues over the years.  And currently is in the midst of an extreme sports mentality that is really clouding his judgment.  Lebron James has many maturity issues and it is now coming out how Coach K did not want him on Team USA. Lebron was a problem and all of the players recognized the “King’s” maturity issues. 

I recommend Lebron does his best to mature quick and hires some more professional help to serve in his inner circle.  Buddies such as Maverick Carter, Randy Mims, and Richard Paul have really hurt his image and will continue to. 

Lebron James is currently a major victim of “The Entourage Effect.” 

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“I Thought the Magic were in Orlando?”

The Heat continue to shock the world with their amazing 2010 Summer.  I am not sure how they are pulling this off.  But they continue to bring in players to a team that has already has 3 of the best players in the League.  It is just simply amazing.  There is one of three things going on here.  Either the Heat truly are possessing “magic” and just doing an amazing job.  Secondly, these guys could all just be extremely selfless people striving to get a title.  Which would be a truly beautiful thing.  Or thirdly, something fishy is going on.  Like  a John Calipari type of sketchyness.

Most thought it would be impossible to get Wade, James, and Bosh on the same team.  They did that.  Then they signed seasoned veteran Mike Miller.  The former Florida standout has been in the League for 10 years now and made nearly 10 million in salary last season.  Next, the Heat somehow magically got Udonis Haslem or UD as they call him in Miami to come back.  Udonis has spent all 7 of his years in the League with the Heat.  This guy is a solid player who is entering his prime and made a little over 7 million in salary last season.  Today, the saga continued with the announcement that 12 year NBA veteran and a teammate of James for the last 7, Zydrunas Ilgauskas will be in South Beach next season.

Now none of these 3 guys are All Stars.  But they are all seasoned veterans who will help this team get to that championship level.  Had Derek Fisher have signed with this Heat team, then I would have gone nuts.  I am very reluctant to believe that there is completely fair play going on here, but I also realize that the League is watching this all with a very close microscope. So I thought about rolling through the numbers:

The NBA Salary Cap this year is right around 58 million.  Currently the Heat have 7 players on the roster.

Pat Riley may be fist pumping a lot come next June with the amazing summer the Miami Heat have had.

Haslem due to his experience would have to make a minimum of 1, 146,337 this year.  He made over 7 million last year.  Udonis was signed to a deal of 4 million per year.  Mike Miller due to his 10+ years of experience would make a minimum of 1.3 million.  He made a little less than 10 million last year.  Miller signed for around 6 million per year.  Ilgauskas also due to his experience would make a minimum of 1.3 million.  Lets also not forget that Lebron, Wade, and Bosh all made nearly 16 million last year apiece.  They each took a cut in order to help make this happen.  All 3 of them will be making around 14.6 million a year, which is 2 million less than the max of 16.6 that they could have made.  Wade has stated that he would be fine making around 11 million a year.  Finally, the Heat have Mario Chalmers.  The former Kansas Jayhawk is set to make around 756,000 or 800,000 this year.

So between these 6 guys, 55.8 million in cap room would be used if Ilgauskas takes the minimum possible salary.  So did Miller take 4 million less than he made last year to win a title?  Did Udonis take 3 million less than he made last year as he is entering his prime to win a title? 

Could there be something going on?  I am honestly not sure and I hope not.  I  know that Pat Riley is a mastermind and one of the  finest coaches and executives of all time.  Possibly these guys could be demonstrating that sport is about winning and not about the money.  Which would be an extremely selfless and commendable act. 

I am very curious to see how the rest of the roster gets filled out.  Realize that all rookies signed this year make a minimum of $473,604.  There are a good 5 more roster spots left.  Should be very interesting to see how this works out.

Perhaps the “Magic” has moved from Orlando to Miami in the East?

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