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“Got to Love Training Camp”

Jet's superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis, is currently holding out from the team's traing camp over a contract scuffle. He is hanging out on his private getaway called "Revis Island."

Most NFL Training Camps have been going on since the end of last week, and boy has the excitement been at an all time high.  I really think the NFL could not have planned a more entertaining first few days to this spectacle.  First of all, you have the continued conflict between Redskin’s overpaid star Albert Haynesworth and new Head Coach, Mike Shanahan.  Haynesworth still has not passed his conditioning test and has not been able to practice.  Good luck to Albert in ever mending his relationship with Coach Shanahan and in figuring out all the nuances of the new 3-4 defensive scheme.  This is all a shame for the Skins, who really need Haynesworth to come out and perform at a high level.  I mean the guy did just sign a 21 million dollar bonus in April!  But there is no question that the relationship between Coach and player is boiling in Washington.

Also, there is the typical injury bug going around the League.  I am not sure if anyone has gotten it worse than Denver.  During the course of one drill, both their running backs, Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter were injured.  Though Buckhalter’s injury does not appear serious, it is still eerie that both guys got hurt during the same drill.  Maybe Tim Tebow will be the answer in saving this once dominant franchise (the former Florida savior)?  The Ravens also took a big hit with the loss of one of their starting cornerbacks, Domonique Foxworth.  Most people said the only flaw on this team was the lack of cornerbacks.  Well that situation just got worse.  Maybe Ray Lewis can man cover some of the receivers in this division like Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco (just kidding).  Also in injury news, Wes Welker participated in parts of Patriot’s practice yesterday.  This is a fantastic sign for Patriot Nation.  Realize that Wes Welker had 123 catches by himself last season, which was 4 less than what TO and Ochocinco caught combined last year.

Also in the AFC, the Darrelle Revis holdout is officially on.  Revis has left to go hang out on Revis Island until the Jets offer him a contract that he feels is what he deserves.  Now most receivers never want to book a trip to Revis Island, but Darrelle is at ease on his beautiful island getaway.   Revis is determined to be the highest paid cornerback in the League.  He wants to make more than Nnamdi Asomugha.  And can you really blame him?  Revis hands down was the best corner in the League last year.  This is a League where a player can get hurt at any time.  Why not cash in when your stock is at it’s highest possible point?  If I am the Jets, I pay up, and quick.  This guy is essential to their AFC East and Super Bowl hopes.

And in probably the biggest news of all, or at least in the region, Terrell “TO Show” Owens arrived at Bengal’s training camp (though he was late due to missing a flight).  The Bengals are seeing record crowds for their training camp as the TO Frenzy continues to spread all throughout the region.  People are excited, and rightfully so.  The expectations are rising by the day.  And TO and Ocho seem up to the challenge.  I mean when was the last time that you can remember a Bengal being the Sunday Conversation on Sportscenter?  Better yet, when can you remember a Sunday Conversation where the guests brought popcorn and chapstick?

So there you have it.  Training camp is underway.  Teams are working hard out in the heat.  Rookies are getting hazed (other than Dez Bryant), learning brand new systems, and adjusting to the pro lifestyle.  The media are enjoying covering their respective teams again.  Coaches are yelling.  Many are fighting for roster spots.  Guys are getting hyped for their September openers.  Injuries are galore.  Arguments are heated.  And in Cincy, the two-headed monster is carrying around popcorn for the show and chapstick to “Kiss the baby.”

You got to love NFL Training Camp.

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“Can’t Afford Bradford?”

Sam Bradford, the former Oklahoma standout, and the Rams number 1 draft pick should be all smiles today as contract discussions begin. Word on the street is he is going to be given between 45 and 50 million in guaranteed money.


 As is the norm of every NFL offseason, teams are struggling to sign their most prized draft picks.  It is NFL tradition and something that we as fans have all become accustomed too.  Well this year falls right in line as the number 1 pick of the entire draft is still not signed by the Rams.  Negotiations began today.  There are talks that Bradford may receive one of the largest contracts ever in NFL history.  This contract would include 45 to 50 million in guaranteed money. 

I just have one question to ask.  Are the Rams insane?!!  Or has the League forced the Rams to this point?You are telling me that Sam Bradford, a guy who hardly played his senior year at Oklahoma and was a debatable number 1 pick in this draft is worth that kind of money?  The guy has not even taken an NFL snap yet.  And you are thinking about guaranteeing him 45 to 50 million?  That is quite a hefty investment.  What if the kid doesn’t pan out?  As I talked about in my previous post entitled “I’m Coming for that Number 1 Spot” on April 28th, these number 1 overall picks have been flaming out the past few years.  They have struggled to live up to the hype and are a risk.  Is a team really willing to take a risk and give an unproven entity that type of money?  And realize if Bradford signs for this much, next year’s number 1 pick will sign for at least this much.  Matthew Stafford, last year’s number 1 overall, received 41 million in guaranteed money.  I mean these are ridiculous sums of money. 

 And you want to know the worst part?  The Rams are going to be stuck giving Bradford this type of money.  They need him more than he needs them in some respects.  Yes, he wants to play.  But they have a very bare cupboard when it comes to the quarterback position.  Believe me they do not want to have another year like last.  They need Bradford to come play and perform. In addition, the NFL has let rookie contracts increase and get to this point of insanity every year.  And they will continue to go up until somebody puts their foot down. 

 So the question I propose is can the Ram’s afford Bradford?  Will this deal get set before training camp opens? 

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“Same Old Story”

Drew Brees hopes to lead the Saints to a second consecutive Super Bowl Championship in the 2010-2011 season. The Saints would be the first team to repeat as champions since the Patriots in 2005.

I will admit that I personally love the ESPYs.  It is the one  award’s show that we have for celebrities that I can actually watch and understand what is going on.  The Emmy’s, the Grammy’s, the Oscar’s are all fine awards shows, but most of it goes over my head.  I just do not know who the celebrities are and the nominees are for the awards.  But the ESPY’s, I know every single nominee.  I have a major bias and will admit that athletes are much more of an interest to me than pop culture.  I mean really though, this is a very fun show.  I can only imagine actually being there. 

You always have a very funny host who grills on people in the audience and in the sporting world.  You have beautiful women (DPs) all over the place (see Brooklyn Decker, Marissa Miller, Erin Andrews, etc).  You have all the athletes decked out in their finest.  You also have guys dawning great hair (see Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, and I could go on).  It is really just a great spectacle getting all of these super athletes in the same room for one night.  But I digress. 

Last evening, the big winner, was Saint’s quarterback Drew Brees.  Brees and the Saints took in 4 trophies.  And he also was the winner of the very prestigious award for “Best Male Athlete.”  This is also the first time in Saint’s history until they are defeated in the playoffs or eliminated from playoff contention that people can fairly answer the commonly posed New Orlean’s chant, “Who Dat?”  They are “Champions” until someone dethrones them.  The offseason is at full speed and training camps are inching ever closer. 

As usual, the team that won the Super Bowl in February is still raking in awards and accolades at this point.  Many are curious if the champion can repeat.  No team has done this since 2005 when the Patriots repeated as Super Bowl Champs.  So don’t count on it. In addition, seeing Terrell Owens looking fly at the show got me thinking about the TO Show.  As usual, people are unsure of where he will be bringing his antics this year.  Will he stay in Buffalo, will he go to New England?  Only time will tell. 

Also another highly developing story, are the Rams going to be able to sign number 1 draft pick Sam Bradford before training camp starts?  Everyone knows how important training camp is for all the players, but especially the rookies.  This is their first real taste of the League.  Training camps can really make or break teams some years.  And if Bradford is unsigned before camp, you can count on him to have a very difficult time during his rookie campaign.  But really, when can you remember all teams entering training camp with their number 1 picked signed and ready to roll? 

In addition, every team has reason why their fans should have hope at this point.  All teams have brought in new talent.  Every team is undefeated with an unblemished 0 and 0 record.  People from every city at least have a glimmer of hope and will tell you why their team could make some noise this season.  This is the League of parity right?  Any team can go from a pretender to a contender in a year right? 

Lastly, the other typical NFL summer story.  The Brett Favre saga continues.  Will he stay or will he go?  I really don’t know nor do I care.  But the media eats this story up every year.  It has become a tradition every offseason to turn this into the biggest NFL story.  Well strap in, because Brett made statements yesterday, and they will continue for at least a good month or so now.  Maybe we should ask the German octopus to predict whether he will come back?  The octopus is 8 for 8 all time in predictions and should give us our answer a month or 2 earlier than normal.  

Training camp starts at the end of the month or the very beginning of August for all teams.  Get ready, because the NFL is back.  

My top 5 will be coming in the near future. 

But it is the same old story with the NFL. 

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