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“Food for Thought 5-24-11”

Derrick Rose (pictured above) has played like the MVP he is all year long. Game 3 in Miami though demonstrated that the MVP can be stopped, or at least slowed down at times.

It is hard to ignore all of the excitement going on in the sporting world.  Narrowing my thoughts to a few key items is very difficult.  We have playoff action going on in 2 of the professional sporting leagues, MLB baseball, the 2nd Tennis Grand Slam of the year, great Ray Lewis interview, and more.

Here are the main items that have caught my attention.

Ray Lewis Never Disappoints

It is no secret that Baltimore Raven’s Linebacker Ray Lewis is one of the greatest, if not the greatest linebacker of all time.  As Lewis prepares for his 16th season with the Ravens, his legend continues to grow.  I mean there is not much else this guy can do on the field. Continue reading

“NBA Awards”


Many have Chicago Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau (pictured above) tabbed as the NBA's Coach of the Year. Our very own Grant Freking is one of those people.

Grant Freking is a Lantern (OSU Newspaper) sports writer. Ology magazine managing editor. OSU football featured columnist for Bleacher Report. High school football reporter for Newark Advocate.  You can follow him on Twitter @GrantFreking.

MVP: Derrick Rose

A case, and a strong one at that, can be made for Dwight Howard. My main problem with that is I don’t believe Howard gives it everything he has on every night. How can the leader of a team, let alone the MVP of the NBA, not be stuck in overdrive every night? Rose’s effort and commitment will never be questioned.

Coach of the Year: Tom Thibodeau

He got a quiet point guard, a big-contract power forward, a mercurial center and a bench full of both young pups and old dogs to play as a unit and more importantly, morph into the league’s best defensive team. And they won the East. A golf clap for Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is in order. Continue reading

“Is It Championship or Bust for the Bulls?”


Derrick Rose (pictured above) put on another stellar performance last night in leading the Bulls to a huge victory over the Celtics. Is it now championship or bust in Chicago?

Wesley is a sports expert and journalist out of Philadelphia that writes for Bleacher Report.  You can check out all of his work at  http://bleacherreport.com/users/88810-wesley-kaminsky or follow his twitter @Wesley_Kaminsky

In the beginning of the NBA season I was excited, and looking forward to a fun Bulls season. It was the most excited I had been for a season in my whole life as a Bulls fan.

Did I think they would get the number one seed? No.

Did I think they could possibly come out of the Eastern Conference? Nope. Continue reading