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You just got Tebowed

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (pictured above) continues to shock the world with his winning ways.

By Josh Kramer

It’s a bird.  It’s a plane.  It’s Tim Tebow?  Yet again NFL headlines are being dominated by the one and only Tim Tebow.  The Tebow phenomenon has become one of the most unexplainable storylines in all of sports.  Nobody, including myself, believe this guy has any business being a starting quarterback in the National Football League.  Yet he keeps winning.

That is all Tim Tebow does.  He wins.  Just the way he does it, absolutely blows your mind.  Tim Tebow has become the LeBron James of the NFL.  He is rapidly becoming the most well-known figure in the sport.  Though he constantly dominates the tabloids in a similar fashion to the King, the Gator God is by no means one of the game’s elite players.  He by no means is even an above average player. But he is still a mega star to say the least.

Tim Tebow will give you the opposite of what King James will get you.  He plays awful for well over three quarters.  and then brings out his best in the fourth (Lebron gives you three great quarters and then his worst in the fourth).  The real question is would you prefer three quarters, or one? Continue reading

Irony in Denver

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com.

By Josh Kramer

Earlier today, Merril Hoge gave an assessment of Tim Tebow that was not shedding Urban Meyer’s favorite son in the most positive of lights.  Hoge gave his honest opinion, and his opinion was not exactly complimentary regarding the former Gator star.  And to be entirely honest, I got to side with Hoge on this one.  He is an NFL Analyst.  His job description is to give his opinion and share it with the public.  This is the real world of media.  There is no sugar-coating involved in this business.

I will admit that I have never been the biggest Tim Tebow fan.  This in large part was because he laid one of the most vicious beatings I have ever witnessed in person on my favorite college football team a couple of years back in the Sugar Bowl. Tim Tebow seems to be a great person.  Or at least from what I can tell.  He appears genuine, philanthropic, intelligent, and just an all around awesome guy.  And these are all important qualities.  It is good to know that Tim Tebow is a great person.  But none of that directly translates towards being a good quarterback in the NFL.

Words that have been used while discussing Tim Tebow today from various media forums:  “Awful, worse, half back, tight end, and project.” Continue reading