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Weekly Nickel 7-4-2011

Photo courtesy of loop48.com. Joey Chestnut (pictured above) looks to win his 5th consecutive Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest today.

By Josh Kramer

Happy 4th of July to all of you. It is time for another big week in the sporting world.  What should you be watching for?  What should you be in the known about?  Have no fear, because the “Weekly Nickel” is here.

The following are the top five sporting events for the week ahead.

5.  At least the NHL is having some positive action.  Despite the current lockouts in two of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States, at least the NHL is still doing its normal thing.  Lots of action in the past couple of days.  And do not expect that action to stop.  Brad Richards signed with the Rangers for 9 years and 60 million dollars.  Goalkeeper, Tomas Vokoun is now a Washington Capital.  And of course one of the greats of all time, Jaromir Jagr is returning to the NHL for one last go around. Continue reading


Bill Simmons: At the top of the game

Photo courtesy of Sanford's Soccer Net.

By Josh Kramer

The long anticipated “Bill Simmons Project” has finally launched.  And it has definitely been a huge box office type of opening if that is possible for a website.  Simmons is a role model to me and millions of other writers across the globe.  He was one of the first writers to embrace the internet.  He is currently at the top of the sports journalism game in every respect imaginable. Continue reading