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DeShawn adds an off court mistake

Photo courtesy of Midwestsportsfans.com. After winning the title, Dallas Maverick's SG DeShawn Stevenson (pictured above) demonstrated poor sportsmanship with this "classless" shirt.

By Josh Kramer

I will admit that I have never been the biggest fan of Dallas Maverick’s shooting guard DeShawn Stevenson.  Outside of his effort level and very strong defensive prowess, he really does not bring much else to the table.  Throughout the entire playoffs, the man continually trash talked whether it was on the court or in the press. Though he did play an important role in helping Dallas win their first NBA Championship in franchise history.

However, one of the keys to winning is “winning with grace.” Sportsmanship is a key character trait that athletes in our society are brought up on.  Or at least are supposed to be taught from a young age. Plenty of athletes in this day and age struggle to grasp this concept of “winning with grace.”  It is a dire shame.  Soon after winning the title on Sunday evening, Stevenson called the Heat “classless.”  He also sported a shirt directed at Lebron that said, “Hey Lebron! How’s my Dirk taste?”  Was defeating the heavy favorites out of Miami and winning a title not enough to satisfy DeShawn?  Apparently not. Continue reading


Dallas takes Game 6, wins first title in franchise history

Photo courtesy of CBS News Sports.

By Wesley Kaminsky

On Sunday night, all NBA fanatics outside of Heat fans had one common rooting interest: Go Mavericks. For me personally, this was definitely the case, and I was riding the bandwagon all the way to the end. Just don’t let the Heat win a championship, that was all I was praying for. Thankfully, I got my prayer, and the Mavericks delivered in a big way Sunday night. Continue reading

Bob Ley with the Jay-Z

Photo courtesy of RD Sports.

By Josh Kramer

Outside the Lines on ESPN is one of the best shows on television year in and year out.  They have great stories.  In depth analysis.  Interesting insights.  And they normally paint the entire picture for the audience.  It is overall just great reporting and something I always look forward to watching.

Recently, on an episode, Bob Ley, who is one of the best sports reporters in the game and has been working on the show since it began in 1990, was forced into reading (rapping) some Jay-Z lyrics.  Now it is not every day that you get to see Bob Ley rap.  These Jay Z lyrics were relevant to the recent LeBron James/DeShawn Stevenson rumblings.

Check out Ley’s rap abilities. Continue reading

Check Please?

Photo courtesy of BasketSession.com.

By Josh Kramer

If you watched any of last night’s NBA Finals Game 4, you must have noticed the David Blaine like act put on by the supposed best player in basketball, Lebron James.  It was absolutely sickening to watch the man they call the “King,” defer to the real “King” of the Heat, Dwyane Wade.

You know things are bad when guys like DeShawn Stevenson, who spent a good amount of the game guarding #6 are saying that it was not the defense that slowed him down.  And guys like Chris Bosh, a man vastly criticized for being “too soft” is speaking out about Lebron’s performance. But people will always talk.  It’s a fact of life. Continue reading