Why Roger?

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com. Roger Clemens (pictured above) has been more well-known for courtroom appearances than pitching appearances over the past half-decade. Tonight, he returns to the mound.

By Josh Kramer

Name one person that does not reside in Sugar Land, Texas, who had heard of the Sugar Land Skeeters last week at this time.  I can guarantee you would be hard pressed.  Surprisingly, there is a good chance that you do know some of the Skeeters current players though:  Scott Kazmir, Jason Lane, and Tim Redding (all former MLB players).  Tonight, the Skeeters will be on a similar level to the Yankees.  The Sugar Land Skeeters will receive national media attention this evening.  Why?

I will give you a couple of hints.  It is not due to the fact that tonight is Rotary Night at the ballpark or that kids will get to run the bases.  It is also not due to the fact that the mighty Bridgeport Bluefish are coming to Constellation Field.  I hope you are getting the picture.

The real reason is a seven-time Cy Young Award winner will be on the hill for the Skeeters.  We know two things for sure about the one that many used to call the “Rocket.”  He is 50-years-old and has not pitched in a professional game since October 7, 2007.  The latter will change at 7:05PM tonight.

Now that we have established why Constellation Field and the Sugar Land Skeeters will be in the limelight tonight, the real question is why Clemens is doing this?  It is no secret that Clemens is one of the greatest pitchers ever to grace this earth.  He also is one of baseball’s most fierce competitors.  But why now?

Could he be looking to postpone the inevitable debate regarding his Hall of Fame status?  Does he miss the lifestyle of being a professional athlete (Brett Favre did)?  Or is it his thirst for competition?  I really wish I had a definitive answer.  Only Roger knows the truth.  Just like only Roger knows the whole truth in regards to his steroid or non-steroid usage.

Sadly, I along with many will turn on ESPN Classic tonight to watch at least a portion of this ridiculous publicity stunt.  Don’t act like you are not at least a little curious.  The key spectator though will be Houston Astros owner Jim Crane.  Crane and the 40-win Astros will do anything to fill up Minute Maid Park.  Even if it involves signing a 50-year-old pitcher who is much more familiar with the courtroom than the baseball diamond in recent memory.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

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