Asik deal makes me sick

Photo courtesy of Omer Asik (pictured above) is now making the big bucks in Houston.

By Josh Kramer

Linsanity’s” humongous payday appeared to be insanity.  In reality, that deal was child’s play on the craziness scale compared to what happened yesterday.  The Houston Rockets once again offered up another three-year 25.1 million deal.  This time, to little-known Omer Asik.  Let me repeat that.  Omer Asik, a player who averaged 3.1 points and 5.3 rebounds per game last year will be making over eight million dollars a year for the next three seasons.

Answer me this:  What is Daryl Morey (Houston GM) thinking?

Believe me, this by no means is the NBA’s version of “Moneyball.”  It is quite the opposite actually.  The three highest paid players on Houston’s roster at the moment are Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lin, and Omer Asik.  Can you say NBDL?  I am not even sure this team could win the D-League championship to be honest.  In its current state, it is that bad.

That may be a bit of an exaggeration.  But the starting lineup for Houston as it stands today will likely consist of Omer Asik, Royce White, Chandler Parsons, Kevin Martin, and Jeremy Lin.  Doesn’t exactly sound like a lineup that will keep too many scouts up at night.  The services of Scola, Camby, Lowry, and Lee will be missed.  It still baffles my mind to think this team somehow managed to nearly make the playoffs last season.  I have a feeling that the final few roster spots will end up being filled by players who wouldn’t start for John Calipari next year.

At least Houston had a somewhat solid draft.  But as we all know too well, a draft can’t be judged until a couple of years down the road.   Jeremy Lamb and Royce White both have outstanding upsides.  Both could easily become All-Stars in the not so distant future.

Don’t count on the playoffs in 2012.

Do count on a high lottery pick in 2013 though.  This Asik deal makes me absolutely sick.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


5 responses to “Asik deal makes me sick

  1. I feel ya Josh. Just nutso!

  2. Remember the kind of stuff the Pittsburgh Pirates were doing about ten years ago? Isn’t this just another example?

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