Is there something in the water?

Photo courtesy of Elvis Dumervil (pictured above) was not all smiles this past Saturday.

By Josh Kramer

The first NFL preseason game is still 18 days away, but football is on the mind.  No sport these days even comes close to rivaling the popularity of NFL football (in the USA).  But with NBA free agency, MLB baseball, and The Open set to start tomorrow, one would think that the NFL would be an afterthought.  Unfortunately it isn’t.  I was happy to see Ray Rice and Matt Forte ink multiple year deals.  They are both very deserving.  Both of these major signings are not even the biggest news though.

NFL news is centering on Elvis Dumervil, Marshawn Lynch, and Dez Bryant.  Ever heard the expression no news is good news?  In this case, it would be.  Elvis Dumervil had a moment that could easily work its way into next seasons’ Jersey Shore script.  Marshawn Lynch turned beast mode into DUI mode.  And Dez Bryant, well he allegedly laid hands on his mother.  Is there something in the water?

Here are the three situations:

Elvis Dumervil first provided a little road rage.  I think we all have been guilty of some form of this at one point or another in our lives.  Then he provided a little shirt lifting.  I guess he is a very muscular guy.  Unfortunately, he had firearms on him.  This is where he crossed the line.  Why is an NFL defensive end going around waving a gun in broad daylight?  Finally, Dumervil then lied to the cops and tried to hide the gun.  Lying to the police is never a good idea.  Who else could envision this whole incident occurring on the next season of Jersey Shore?

It is no secret Marshawn Lynch is coming off of a phenomenal year.  This enabled him to sign a massive contract in March worth 31 million dollars (with 18 million guaranteed).  It is also no secret that Marshawn Lynch has not exactly had a perfect past.  Lynch was part of a hit-and-run incident back in 2008.  Then he pled guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge back in 2009.  In this most recent mistake, Lynch was pulled over at 3:20 AM.  It is never a good idea to be out that late.  Lynch will likely pay the price in the form of some sort of suspension.  Beast mode has temporarily turned into DUI mode.

Dez Bryant refused to pull up his pants at the mall last summer.  In January, he had a scuffle at the club (no charges pressed).  Now he is laying hands on his mother?  Information regarding Bryant’s mother has come out from this confrontation.  She has a drug-riddled past, and had Dez at a very young age (14).  Regardless of the far from perfect home situation, Dez needs to focus on catches passes from Tony Romo for a while.

Why are these three young stars causing problems?  They are all three under the age of 30 and multi-millionaires entering the prime of their professional careers.  I have always been mystified at the amount of problems professional athletes have at keeping their noses clean.  But it is hard for me to criticize, in that I am not now, nor ever have been a professional athlete.

In mid-July, the sporting world should not be focused on the NFL.  The majority of the attention should be placed on the MLB, The Open (British Open), and NBA free agency.  The NFL will have plenty of time in the sun.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

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