Linsanity turning into insanity?

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Lin (pictured above) took over New York City this past February. Now he is receiving big contract offers. Is Lin really worthy of 29 million over four years?

By Josh Kramer

The story of Jeremy Lin is truly one of my favorites in sports.  I will be the first one to say that I am a major fan of “Linsanity.”  Everyone loves the David versus Goliath story.  The story where a massive underdog defies the odds.  In this particular case, a guy that defied logic, to accomplish dreams.  Jeremy Lin is truly a role model for all and should serve as motivation for anyone looking to realize their dreams regardless if they deal with sports.

Yesterday, recent news regarding the player who took New York City by storm this past February disturbed me.  Reports were released that Lin felt slighted by the Knicks.  That Lin was surprised the Knicks did not make the first move.  In essence, Lin was offended by what has occurred thus far during free agency.  It should be known that Lin has since refuted these statements saying that he never made them (I hope that he didn’t).

Jeremy Lin has been offered a four-year 29 million dollar contract from the Houston Rockets.  It is all but a foregone conclusion that New York will match this offer and keep “Linsanity” on the East Coast.  29 million dollars for a player that appeared in 35 games last year.  A guy that played solid basketball, but 7.25 million a year good?  To put this number into perspective, Jason Kidd just signed a three-year contract worth 9 million dollars with the Knicks (yes I am well-aware that Kidd is 39-years-old).

Lin is just 23-years-old.  I foresee him only getting better in time.  He still has a way to go until he reaches the prime of his career.  But a 29 million dollar contract for a guy that “appeared” in 35 games last year?  Realize that in eight of those 35 “appearances,” Lin played seven minutes or less.  Now this of course was out of Lin’s control.  Thank Mike D’Antoni.  When presented the opportunity to play significant minutes, Lin took full advantage.  It should also be noted that after averaging 26.833 points per game in his first seven “significant” appearances, Lin averaged 15.95 points per game over his final 20 games (13.28 points per game during the final seven).

February 4th to March 24th.  That is the period of time when Lin demonstrated that he could be a mainstay and possibly even a star in this league for years to come (and I do think he will continue playing at a high level).  I hope that the reports of Lin’s statements are incorrect or completely out of context.  If Lin is seriously complaining about the way New York has handled his contract negotiations, he is imagining things.  This guy in essence is making 29 million for playing 35 games.  For performing at a high level for a 6 to 7 week period.  It doesn’t sound all that bad to me.

Is “Linsanity” turning into insanity?

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