Thunder Class

Photo courtesy of Kevin Durant (pictured left) and LeBron James (pictured right) shared a heartfelt moment following the final buzzer of Game 5 on Thursday night.

By Josh Kramer

Winning with dignity is sometimes a difficult chore.  But losing with class is far more difficult.  When ones gives 110%, putting their whole heart and soul into accomplishing a goal and then comes up short, facing the music can be tough.  OKC faced the music with flying colors.  Patience is a virtue.  You can count on OKC making more finals appearances over the next five years with this young and talented group.  That is not the topic at hand today though.

Kevin Durant led by example demonstrating class throughout the course of this very difficult five-game series.  At the end of Game 2, he was clearly fouled when attempting a game-tying shot.  Durant did not flinch when dealing with post game questions.  Durant simply said, “I missed the shot, man.”  On Thursday evening, Mike Miller provided the icing on LeBron’s triple-double cake finally helping the King claim his ring.

Towards the end of the game, Scott Brooks made a very heartfelt speech to his team.  Brooks said, “We’re going to treat them like they’re the champions. After the game we are going to walk and shake their hands and acknowledge all of them. They beat us fair and square. However hard that hurts, they still beat us fair and square.”

Brooks’ team fully complied with his message and a very heartfelt embrace between James and Durant was seen by millions of people across the country.  After losing like champions, the Thunder were greeted in OKC as if they really were champions.  An estimated 5,000 fans showed up at the airport to greet the “second-place” Thunder.  Not only did the team demonstrate immense maturity and class for a team predominantly led by 23-year-olds, but so did the young fan base.  Despite only having spent four years in OKC, the Chesapeake Energy Arena is known as one of the loudest and most hostile environments in the NBA.

Applaud the Heat.  They earned this title facing obstacles every step of the way.  Also applaud the Thunder though.  Not only did they have a fantastic year.  They demonstrated maturity far beyond their years both on and off the court.  The Oklahoma City Thunder may not have a title yet, but they have some serious class.

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