Coughlin deserves it

Photo courtesy of Tom Coughlin (pictured above) has been highly criticized over the years. Yesterday, he finally received some of the credit he deserves in signing a three-year extension worth 20 million dollars.

By Josh Kramer

Tom Coughlin never actually looks happy.  He was likely smiling on the inside yesterday though when he signed a three-year contract worth 20 million dollars.  Not too many coaches have sat on a hotter seat than Coach Coughlin has during his “tumultuous” eight years roaming the sidelines at the Meadowlands.  Yesterday, Coughlin was finally awarded monetarily for bringing the Giants their second Super Bowl championship in five years.

The harshest critics in the world reside in New York City.  If you can’t take the heat, then get out is the motto in the Big Apple.  Over the years, Tom Coughlin has dealt with as much, or more heat, than any other coach in the NFL (that still has a job).  If we are being entirely honest, if the Giants had failed to win in Week 16 and Week 17 last year, Coughlin likely would have been fired.  Instead, the Giants went on a magical run of six straight victories resulting in the organization’s fourth Super Bowl championship.

I for one have never understood the skepticism in regards to Coughlin.  The guy has produced a record of under 500 only one time during his eight years in New York (his first year).  Cumulatively, the Giants have gone 82 and 57 (playoffs included) over the past eight seasons with three NFC East titles.  Not to mention the Giants have never finished fourth in the rugged and unpredictable NFC East during Coughlin’s tenure. In addition, Coughlin has led the G-Men to the playoffs five times.  The NFL is a parity-filled league.  I dare you to name a team outside of New England, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis that has experienced more success over the past decade.

20 million dollars is a hefty price to pay for a coach.  If anyone is worth it, Coughlin is the guy.  Better yet, if anyone is deserving, it is Tom Coughlin.  The guy never gets his due and deals with harsher critics than about any coach in professional sports.  Coughlin never looks happy, but he wins.  Next season if the Giants experience any struggles out of the gate, the critics will be out in full force.  For some reason, I think Coughlin will know how to handle the skepticism.  He always does.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

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