Let’s Make a Deal

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com. Drew Brees (pictured above) and the New Orleans Saints are struggling to see eye to eye in regards to a new contract. Things continue to get worse for Who Dat Nation.

By Josh Kramer

5,476 passing yards?  46 touchdown passes?  The leader of a franchise for the past six years that was a key cog in reawakening a franchise and uplifting a city?  Priceless.

Yet no long-term deal?

The New Orleans Saints still have not signed the rock of their franchise to a long term deal.  After all Brees has done for the organization and the city of New Orleans, ownership is going to try to give him the shaft via a franchise tag?  Give me a break.

Money does not grow on trees.  The NFL does have salary restrictions. Drew Brees is 33-years-old. Also, being the general manager of a professional sports franchise is no easy task by any means.  But this is a no-brainer.    Currently, New Orleans is having more problems than O.J. Simpson was back in 1994.  The franchise is a mess from top to bottom.  Yet, they haven’t signed their star player and team leader?

If this contract battle continues all the way through training camp, it seems the Saints are conceding the 2012 season.  Who Dat Nation would not be the happiest of fan bases. The Saints are without their Head Coach all year.  Their starting middle linebacker is out for the season.  And the reputation of the franchise is the lowest of low.  They need Brees more than ever to get this team through offseason workouts and prepared for the upcoming season.

There is a reason why the Indianapolis Colts went from a Super Bowl contender to a the team with the first pick in the NFL Draft in the matter of one year.  Guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees do not just appear with every draft class.  Not only are these guys superb players, but they possess the intangibles.

But who am I to judge?  If I were Marques Colston or Jimmy Graham, I would much prefer Chase Daniel under center than Drew Brees.  Just kidding.

Let’s make a deal New Orleans.  Or throw in the towel on any prayer of sniffing playoff football during the 2012/2013 season.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.

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