Welcome Back David Wright

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com. After a rough injury-filled 2011 campaign, David Wright (pictured above) is back and better than ever.

By Josh Kramer

New York City truly is a place that never sleeps.  This holds true in regards to sports as well.  There is no bigger media outlet.  The “Battle of the Hudson” has brought the Big Apple back to 1994.  Sanchez/Tebow rumblings are just beginning.  Not to mention Derek Jeter is playing like its the year 2000 again.  Another story has flown under the radar though.  At least from a national standpoint.  That of course is the resurgence of New York Mets third baseman David Wright.

Wright’s career began in 2004 amid much fanfare.  He appeared to be the Mets version of Derek Jeter.  Wright had the charm, the looks, and the game to go with it.  He seemed to be the perfect fit for the Big Apple.  Through 2009, Wright played the part (other than the winning).  Then things went downhill.  In 2011, Wright hit rock bottom putting up his lowest numbers in nearly every major offensive category since his rookie season and spending a considerable amount of time on the disabled list.

Well 2011 seems like ancient history at the moment.  Sure there was some controversy between Wright and his manager last night.  By no means should this take away from his body of work thus far this season.  David Wright currently leads the National League in batting average by a mile, and leads the Mets in nearly every major offensive category.  Plus, the Mets are off to a surprisingly strong start, sitting four games over 500.  Though I wouldn’t count on the playoffs, this team would love to be in the conversation come October.

I for one am extremely happy for Wright.  At 29-years-old, this is supposed to be the prime of his career.  He is healthy and happy these days.  The Mets third baseman showed so much promise as a youngster, and you have to be happy for the guy as he finally reaches his potential.  If only Derek Jeter didn’t time travel a decade, then David Wright’s re-emergence would be a bigger story.

Wright doesn’t seem to care too much about the attention, or lack thereof for that matter.  Welcome back to Mr. David Wright.

Stay tuned for the next edition of TheSportsKraze.


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