Good, Bad, and Sad

Photo courtesy of Eric LeGrand (center) realized his dream yesterday. Despite his paralysis, Eric LeGrand is now a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

By Josh Kramer

Sports can invoke every type of emotion imaginable.  In terms of the NFL yesterday, it invoked some good, some bad, and some sad.

The Good:

LeGrand signing is grand

Remember who Eric LeGrand is?  Here is a quick refresher.  LeGrand is a former defensive tackle from Rutgers University who was severely injured in a game against Army on October 16, 2010 that left him paralyzed.  LeGrand was always a class act.  Sometimes the worst things happen to the best people.  Though only 21-years-old, LeGrand took the paralysis as a challenge, not as the end of the world.  LeGrand never let the severe injuries get in the way of his dreams.  It is very fitting that on the date 5/2, LeGrand, who sported the number 52 at Rutgers, realized his dream.   Most college football players across the country can only imagine playing in the NFL.  Very few get the opportunity.  Yesterday, former Rutgers coach and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano helped LeGrand reach his dream.  LeGrand is now a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bad:

Was it worth it?

Jonathan Vilma offered $10,000 to any teammate who could knock Kurt Warner or Brett Favre out of a football game.  Now Vilma has been given the handcuffs, for the duration of the 2012/2013 season.  In hindsight, was it really worth 1.6 million dollars?  Other players suspended without pay for varying parts of the upcoming season are Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove, and Scott Fujita.  Vilma has adamantly said that he will appeal this ruling.  Good luck.  The beauty of NFL suspensions these days are they are administered by Roger Goodell.  Then the appeals are heard by Roger Goodell.  If I am New Orleans, I sign Drew Brees to a long-term deal today.

The Sad:

RIP Junior

Junior Seau was one of the most fierce and respected players in the NFL for the better part of two decades.  He was adored by teammates, fans, and anyone associated with the NFL.  There is talk of this being a suicide.  Regardless of how this tragic incident occurred, we will all remember Seau in the fondest of lights.  He will not only be remembered for being one of the all-time great football players, but he will be remembered for being a remarkable person.  His peers came out in strong force.  Each with a unique perspective on the former football star.  The common theme was that he was not just the great football player that people watched on Sundays, but he was a great father, teammate, and friend.  May he rest in peace.

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