Dream Matchup

Photo courtesy of zimbio.com. There is no better matchup in the NBA today than LeBron James (left) versus Kevin Durant (right).

By Josh Kramer

LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Russell Westbrook, Chris Bosh, and James Harden.  Fathom that for a moment. I vote Miami Heat versus Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals 2012. After watching Wednesday night’s throwdown in South Beach, you would be extremely hard pressed to create a better matchup in the present.  Now I am fully aware the Chicago Bulls currently possess the best record in basketball, despite the prolonged absence of their star.  But let’s get serious.  Unless you are a Chicago Bulls fan, a James/Durant battle over the course of a seven game series would be as good as it gets (yes, even better than James versus Bryant).

The NBA has and will always be about entertainment.  In other words, people want to see high scoring shootouts.  Both OKC and Miami can score with the best of them.  The Bulls win with an old-school fashion, relying heavily on rebounding and defense.  What fun is that to watch?  No two teams feature greater star power than Miami and OKC.  Find me a better duo than James/Wade or Durant/Westbrook.  How about a better trio than James/Wade/Bosh or Durant/Westbrook/Harden.  In 2012, there are none.

Wednesday night’s game was truly a diamond in the rough during this strike-shortened injury filled season.  Everyone was thirsting for more when the final buzzer sounded.  For the past five plus years, most talk has revolved around a Kobe versus LeBron NBA Finals showdown.  And though Kobe is still playing at an extremely high level, Kevin Durant and LeBron James are in a league of their own at this time.  Durant and James went at it on both ends of the floor Wednesday.  It was truly something special to watch.  Could you imagine witnessing this over the course of a seven game set for all of the marbles?

Also on Wednesday, we saw the potential hatred between the two teams as well.  There were flagrant fouls, technical fouls, and hard-nosed defense.  In addition, there has been some back and forth trash talking to the media and via Twitter.  Lastly, the core groups for both of these teams are relatively young.  Could James and Durant be a present day Magic and Larry?  Maybe there will be a broadway show production in 20 years?  Okay, I am getting a little bit carried away, but I think you see the point.

A Heat/Thunder NBA Finals matchup would be a real treat for the entire country.  These are the two best teams in basketball.  They are the most star-filled.  And they are the most fun to watch.  What could be better?

Wednesday wet the appetite.  Hopefully we get to enjoy the whole meal come June.  It would truly be a dream matchup.

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    Hey man,

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